Connecticut, Connect The Dots

Connecticut has a long history. The present has links to the past, if only we can connect the dots.

The first major settlements in Connecticut were done in the early 1600’s, first by Dutch explorers, followed by Dutch fur traders and then English settlers in the years 1633 to 1636, many of whom were Puritans. It was one of the original thirteen colonies that made up the United States during the Revolutionary War. Today, Connecticut is mainlypopulated by people of Protestant and Roman Catholic Christian faiths (70%) with small percentages of all other religions making up the remaining 30%. Much of today’s population is made up of Italians, Irish, English, German and Polish, a true melting pot of cultures like most surrounding states.

Flag of Connecticut

While being one of the wealthiest states (#4), Connecticut also has a high unemployment rate that is officially 7.3%, but unofficially probably closer to 9 or 10% as the government likes to downplay negatives. Democrat Governor Dan Malloy, elected in 2011, has the company of Democrat Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy and five Democrat Representatives. Not since 1989 has there been a Republican Senator, nor a Republican in the House of representatives since 2009.

Connecticut Secret Society

Yale University is the Ivy League college with a secret society known as Skull and Bones, of which George G. W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, John Kerry and Harold Stanley are members. It is rumored that Skull and Bones is linked with the Central Intelligence Agency, all of this information being freely given by Wikipedia.

Newtown, Ct., is shown by the 2000 census to have a mostly white population of just over 25,000. Some notable celebrities from Newtown include Hunger Games author, Suzanne Collins, Olympian Bruce Jenner (of the Kardashian TV show) and of course the infamous Adam Lanza of the Sandy Hook shooting notoriety.

In 1995, the Panthean Temple of Connecticut was founded by Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth which incorporated Pagan and Wiccan beliefs which annually hold the Beltane/May Day celebration in New Haven, Ct. along with dozens of Wiccan workshops throughout the year. Both Communism and Wicca enforce the belief that Almighty God is to be replaced with the greatness of man.

Sandy Hook – The Connect The Dots Links To Wicca And Communism

First, a famous Hollywood production designer for the movie Batman, The Dark Knight Rises, Nathan Crowley, (born 1966) is a known relative of Thelemist Alesteir Crowley, who once resided there. Sandy Hook was mentioned on a map in the Batman movie. Alesteir Crowley sympathized with Naziism and Communism and hoped that both Hitler and Stalin would embrace his religious choice of Thelema. Now, both socialism and communism require the registration and confiscation of firearms which is now being called for and carried out by the Democrat leaders of the state, as I write.

State senator Toni Harp (D) earmarked some $300,000 for the renovations of the New Haven People Center which has strong ties to New Haven resident Communist Joelle Fishman. Thanks to efforts from veterans groups, the funding was voted down.

Flashback to 1946 and the election of Governor James Lukens McConaughy, who said in his acceptance speech for the Republican party, “Communism is a cancer which will destroy America if it is not driven out. The two greatest fighters against American Communism are the Church and the Republican party … We Republicans pledge to continue to keep our party free from this menace. Let the Communists of Connecticut vote the other ticket, not ours.” Knowing this, the communists infiltrated both after they made giant strides in the media and public school systems.

A continuation of connecting the dots occurred in New Haven at a public school in December of 2013 where Dem. State Rep. Edwin Vargas, a former school teacher there accepted an award from the Communist Party CPUSA.

Most dictators that we historically examine were either communists or socialists and all of them concerned themselves with the confiscation of firearms owned by citizens such as we are now seeing with the Obama administration. In the weeks that follow gun confiscation the process of citizen round up for political reasons is implemented. Knowing the threat that is communism, gun manufacturers are moving their companies to more gun friendly states.

Disarming The People

We are all aware of the reported shooting incident which took place on Dec. 14, 2012 by Adam Lanza. There are many who believe that the Sandy Hook shootings never happened or were a false flag event meant to promote another evil scheme that is population control through gun control. This is what the leftists want, whether they be Democrats, Communists, Socialists or liberal Republicans, they want to see gun control to prevent the masses from being able to defend themselves from government tyranny. The current push by the state of Connecticut under Democrat party authority to disarm Americans is a top news story promoted by a puppet media showing lines of men supposedly waiting to register their firearms. The obvious next step is seizing the weapons after it is determined who owns the guns.

Do your own research in regards to the Connecticut shootings. Here I’ve shown you a sample of the Democrat party link to Communists. Connecticut, just connect the dots. If you are the kind of person who believes that the mainstream media reports the stories with honor and integrity, then you are probably laughing at those of us who do not believe in their journalistic integrity, but if you have any suspicions about the Sandy Hook shooting but have yet to make up your mind about the incident, why aren’t you investigating it? There are several YouTube videos on the subject and a massive amount of comments beneath them.

If you are a person who saw the actual bodies of the children and adults at a funeral and not just a closed casket, then it may be all the proof that you need. On the other hand, if you have knowledge of information about New Haven, Ct. or the authorities and politicians who were at the shooting event in question, then perhaps it is time for you to disclose that information to someone in a position of authority who you know is not under the iron fist of the Democrat party. The freedom of all U.S. citizens is your incentive.

Communism is rearing its ugly head across the globe and as former President Ronald Reagan once said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place left on earth to go.” Connect the dots or suffer the consequences of ignoring the past.