The Biggest Threat To Our Individual Freedoms Is The Federal Government

My fellow citizens, the greatest threats to your freedoms and liberties are not coming from outside our country. They are coming from inside our country. While there are numerous anti-American groups and organizations located within America that would love to see our nation fail, Americans are also facing a federal government that is no longer listening to them.

With its unconstitutional expansion and intrusion into every facet of our lives, it is our own government, not some foreign power, which has become the biggest threat to our individual freedoms and liberties.

Special Interest donors are giving huge amounts of money to candidates of both major political parties and these donors no longer care who wins the election, because they have already paid off all of the candidates. Regardless of the outcomes of elections, it is the Special Interest Groups that are usually the big winners and it is the American people who are usually the losers.

In his Gettysburg address in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln described the nation as “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I’m afraid that is no longer true. Although it has happened gradually over many, many years of corruption and bribery, America has now become a government of the special interest groups, by the special interests groups, and for the special interest groups. It can now be said with confidence, that America truly has the best government that money can buy.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM from the hundreds of millions of Special Interest dollars that are buying votes and elections. Why is it still legal for a politician to take a bribe simply by calling it a contribution, when every other public official who takes this kind of money commits the crime of bribery? Do you think it’s because politicians make the laws? Of course it is.

In 1776, our Founders stood up, put their lives and fortunes on the line and declared their freedom and independence from the chains and shackles of the King of England. Americans must also be willing to stand up and publicly declare their Freedom and Independence, not from the King of England, but from the chains and shackles of special interest money. America needs legislation that defines the receipt of any special interest money by elected officials and candidates, at all levels of government, as Bribery and therefore illegal and a crime.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM from the invasion of Illegal Aliens that threatens our country’s sovereignty and costs us over $350 billion dollars a year. The government must stop this invasion by securing our borders, by enforcing our current immigration laws, by cutting off the honey pot of financial assistance that attracts illegal aliens, by not issuing them drivers’ licenses and by deporting all illegal alien criminals when they are released from prison.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM FROM ELECTION FRAUD. Computerized voting systems that are easily hacked and designed by companies that make big donations to elected officials are definitely not 100% reliable as we have seen in the recent primaries and elections. We need an honest and verifiable election process that mandates a permanent, verifiable paper record of the peoples’ votes.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM FROM A MULTI-LINGUAL SOCIETY. We need legislation designating English as the official language of the United States; for it is our common language that unifies us and will preserve us as one nation.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM FROM DESTRUCTIVE INTERNATIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS. Free and Fair Trade between nations is a good thing, however some trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other similar agreements are a threat to our sovereignty and independence as a nation. Many of these international agreements transfer power from the U.S. government and its people to un-elected international bureaucrats. These agreements help no one but the international corporations that exploit cheap foreign labor and they are costing millions of Americans their jobs.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM FROM THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Funded by international banks and corporations, private organizations with official sounding names like the “Council on Foreign Relations” and the “Trilateral Commission,” are exerting extraordinary influence on our government leaders to move our country towards a one world government and a new world order. These global elitists see not only our nation’s sovereignty, but the sovereignty of all nations, as a hindrance to the international banks and corporations conducting cross-border trade and financial transactions.

If we were to follow their recommendations, American sovereignty will eventually be surrendered, piece by piece, to corrupt international organizations like the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. Currently, their goal is to create an integrated North American Union similar to the European Union, complete with its own currency, international highway system, cross-national bureaucracy, and borderless travel and trade within the three countries of Canada, the United States and Mexico. It would destroy our national sovereignty and a free America, with limited, constitutional government, would just be a memory.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM FROM EXCESSIVE TAXATION. In addition to a drastic reduction in spending that includes the abolition of programs and agencies that are unconstitutional, ineffective or no longer needed, the government must reduce the tax burden on the American people by substantially reducing or eliminating the income tax on individuals and any other taxes that punish individual investment and savings. We must also eliminate taxes on Social Security benefits and eliminate the Tax on the estates of hard working Americans who have died and already paid their taxes on these assets.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM FROM ATTACKS ON OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Our country’s founders designed a formal system of checks and balances for our government, but they were also concerned that the system could fail and that we might someday face a new tyranny, not from a foreign government, but from our own government. They knew that a government facing an armed citizenry was less likely to take away our rights, while a disarmed population wouldn’t have much hope. Law abiding American citizens have a right to keep and bear arms. It is a fundamental, individual Constitutional right that we have a sacred duty to defend.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM FROM ATTACKS ON THEIR PRIVACY AND FROM A NATIONAL ID CARD. Protecting the country from Illegal Aliens and Terrorists attacks are necessary in today’s world. Making it very hard for these individuals to obtain driver’s licenses and other legal documents is a good thing. But imbedding American citizen’s driver’s licenses with radio frequency identification chips, in the name of security, that allows the government to remotely access their personal information and determine their location and travel habits is a violation of the people’s freedoms and liberties. We must support legislation to get rid of the RFID chip requirements on our citizens’ licenses.

AMERICAN CHILDREN NEED FREEDOM FROM BEING DRUGGED BY GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS. Approximately 6 million children, including 10% of all 6-18 year old boys in the United States are on psychotropic drugs like Ritalin for attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. These numbers are increasing despite the fact that there is no independent, scientifically accepted valid test for ADHD. Could the millions of dollars in campaign contributions to members of congress and the funding of professional and academic institutions by the Pharmaceutical industry have something to do with this continued expansion? Of course it does.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM FROM A FAILING FEDERAL EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. Before the creation of The Federal Department of Education in 1979, America had the finest education system in the world. With help from the National Education Association, federal programs are now specifically designed to de-emphasize academic knowledge and dumb-down America’s children. Why is it that more and more of our children can’t read, write or understand math at grade level? How come many of our high school students can’t find the United States on a map of the world, but know how to put a condom on a cucumber? It’s because our once great educational system has been hijacked, corrupted and deliberately Dumbed-Down by socialist, politically correct bureaucrats in Washington.

Not only has the federal Department of Education been a colossal failure, it is also unconstitutional. Nowhere in the US Constitution, is the federal government given the power to legislate or mandate educational policy for the states. This very important power was retained by the states and for a very good reason. Parents, along with their respective State and local governments, are the people best situated to educate their children, not federal government and union bureaucrats in Washington trying to push their political and social agenda on us. The Federal Department of Education deserves a failing grade of “F” and should be abolished.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM FROM THE PRIVATE CONTROL OF OUR NATION’S MONEY. In the U.S. Constitution, the people of the United States granted Congress the power to coin Money and regulate its Value. The people never gave congress the constitutional power to delegate this money-creating and regulating responsibility to any private group of bankers. Yet this is exactly what the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 did. As long as this cartel of private banking executives, who make up the Federal Reserve Board, have control over our nation’s money, they will continue to encourage our government to spend more than it takes in. For the deeper in debt the country goes, the more money these private bankers make.

When their own private banking investments fail, they always find a way to get the American taxpayers to bail them out with guaranteed loans and the issuance of new printed fiat money that is backed by nothing. The recent federal bailout scheme will cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars before it is over. The member banks of the Federal Reserve will make hundreds of billions of dollars at our expense.

The big banks and Wall Street firms take no risk and the taxpayers foot the bill. How does this system benefit the American people? The answer is that It’s doesn’t. It’s just a clever criminal scheme that fuels inflation, devalues our dollar and benefits the big commercial banks. The Federal Reserve Board should be abolished.

AMERICANS NEED FREEDOM FROM THE ENDLESS CYCLE OF WAR. Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution clearly states that “The Congress shall have Power…To declare War,” but no Congress has declared war since December 8th, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The U.S. Congress did not declare war on North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Grenada, Lebanon, Somalia, Haiti, Panama, Serbia or Bosnia. Since World War II, over 60,000 U.S. military personnel have died and hundreds of thousands wounded in either undeclared wars or military actions pursued with a U.N. mandate.

Going to War with vague authorizations of force, and without a formal “Declaration of War,” gives the executive branch a blank check and it also gives members of congress wiggle room to change their minds with the shifting political winds. The reality is that if presidents are allowed to commit large numbers of troops to combat on their own authority, or on the basis of some vague authorizations by congress, there are essentially no limits to what they can do.

FORTUNATELY, THERE ARE ALSO NO LIMITS TO WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN DO: Largely as a result of the Ron Paul Revolution, the Internet and conservative radio, the American people are becoming more aware of the corruption, unconstitutional expansion and intrusive power of our federal government and there are some hopeful signs.

When the US Senate tried to quickly pass an Amnesty bill for Illegal Aliens last year, we saw the power of the American people. Because they were so outraged by the actions of the Senate, the people rose up in great numbers, shut down the Senate’s switchboard and the politicians quaked in their boots in the face of this massive display of citizen power.

The time has come for Americans to exert that citizen power again. Let’s put aside all of our minor differences that have separated us and unite as one strong political force. We must be united by our major common goals and not divided by our minor differences. We must become active in politics and all levels of government and support only those candidates that are honest, ethical, of good moral character, who take no special interest money and who support smaller, less intrusive federal, state and local governments.

Together, let us begin the journey that will leave future generations of Americans a legacy of individual freedom and liberty, a first class education system, a clean environment, a strong and sovereign America with an honest, limited government that will offer unlimited opportunities for their future. If we stand together, we can give it to them.

For Freedom, Liberty and Sovereignty,

John Wallace