Rush Limbaugh Has Hit Rock Bottom

Rush Limbaugh loves to invoke race to frame an argument. Especially when the argument is Health Reform. Well yesterday Limbaugh was at it again.

On his radio show the Fat Man went off, saying the health reform package was just a reparations program to take from the rich and give to the poor. He not only invoked visions of Robin Hood, but Civil Rights as well. It doesn’t take a social scientist to see that Limbaugh is trying to scare his listeners into thinking the Obama agenda is not only going after the rich guys money, but he is going after the rich white guys money.

Can you believe this?

The Rich Fat White Guy is complaining that he is going to have his wealth redistributed at a time when guys like him don’t even pay taxes.

This guy is so tired, he actually stands for everything that is bad about our country. He panders to the worst our nation has to offer. He wants to torture, thinking our national security is an episode of 24. He tries to scare people into thinking were not as safe, or that we are now a weak nation, he blathers about don’t ask don’t tell, all while the generals on the ground and advisers say the opposite. He either doesn’t know what socialism is or he doesn’t care, because it sounds good on his show. He does this while backing Dick Cheney, whose famous torture memo saying torture worked, has just been debunked. Limbaugh is simply a stain on our nation’s moral fabric.

racist brain ad

Keith Olbermann is totally biased against anything Limbaugh. I can relate with his point of view, because Limbaugh has given us so many opportunities to see him at his worst. Well yesterday was one of those days. But I don’t want you to listen to Olbermann, or me for that matter. I want you to listen to Limbaugh and Melissa Harris-Lacewell, who is an Associate Professor of Politics and African American studies at Princeton University. Before you repeat the right wings standard line of “left wing elitist professor” Think for a moment of the type of person that told you to say that. Guys like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck, who use those terms to make you think that there is this underground movement to silence their speech. When the fact is Harris-Lacewell doesn’t attack Limbaugh, she attacks his speech and calls its intent Racist.

Give her a listen.

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William Armstrong
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