Racist Remarks on Easter

This President started with Reverend Wright and declared he was not a racist, meaning reverend Wright. Now on this past Easter Sunday his new minister Rev. Louis Leon has declared white Protestants are prejudiced and want black people in the back of the bus.

They want women back in the kitchen and immigrants back over or across the border. Now isn’t that just kindly of our president returning to his old ways of his aversion toward white people and those who oppose his way of life.

Brain Washing

Do we as Americans have to listen to this kind of brain washing technique? These people (liberals) already think they have captured the East coast, most of the west coast and a few central states. Now surrounded, how will the middle of this nation react to this blatant outright attack on good honest people?

Oh yes we have (white conservatives) people who don’t like blacks but we also have blacks who don’t like whites. Not sure that the Obamas might be included in that subsequent group. They bat 1000 when it comes to the type of minister they seek out to listen to.

How come when a white man (wearing a tie) says anything about blacks it’s called prejudices or racist but when a black man (tie or no tie) says anything about a white man its called free speech?

I don’t go to church to hear a preacher talk about black people under any condition… I don’t go to a church that has nothing better to do than talk about other people or races. My father told me if you don’t have anything better to talk about than other people’s lives then keep your mouth shut…

Good people don’t respect those who tear apart, with words, other races, or people and if you don’t see to it that this Reverend Leon apologizes, you are in the wrong as much as he is Mr. President…

Easter Sunday for the Muslims is the day Jesus Christ was resurrected from the tomb of Joseph. If you don’t know who Jesus is, he is the son of the Living God the Father, whose name is Eleohim.

Jesus Christ is Jehovah of the Old Testament. We are every one of us spirit children of God the Father and we are indeed Brothers and Sisters, Black or white, brown, red, yellow, we are His children.

President Obama Missed An Opportunity

Life is difficult enough without prejudice from religious leaders passed on to the President of this United States of America. If I were at church and a minister started to call another race names I would first say something then get up and walk out. Mr. Obama surely missed a great opportunity to show contempt for racism. Maybe there is a deep reason he doesn’t show contempt. Maybe he is a racist himself?

Easter is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Why would any Reverend not talk about Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday? Maybe it wasn’t a Christian church but some other sect. Could it have been a Muslim disguised as an Episcopal minister?

I go to church to worship God and to partake of the Holy Sacraments that represent the blood and flesh of Christ, sacrificed for us to have eternal life and be resurrected. The simple fact is not to go and listen to anyone slam my fellow Americans whether black or white or whatever color, race or creed..

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.