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All I know is what I see on the streets of this beautiful land, and this weekend that brought me to Denver Colorado. I was doing a show there this weekend and getting a little site seeing in. I got in at a good time and good temperature, and no snow on the ground. As much as I like snow… well, being from Illinois, I have had my fair share of it. However, Arizona weather has spoiled me. These days, I would rather see the snow on the mountains than on my windshield. Now if you have not been to Denver, find a chance to do it. It is the best of old buildings, hip new restaurants, and the arts. Oh, yeah, and a big love of sports. Denver nuggets, Colorado Rockies, and the Denver Broncos. But of all the things I saw, you can tell which of these is the favorite of the Denver crowd . . . Sports.

Look around a little and in a two-block radius, you will see three large sport complexes. The theatres and the art centers are the ones in the old buildings. I had a chance to see the science museum and the aquarium… all worth seeing if you have time,. Or you can just wander around town and soak in the old town feeling. Denver is a pretty clean city and may even get in my year’s top 10 clean cities awards. I only saw two people who threw their cigarette butts out the window. I just don’t get it, though, people. Am I alone in this fight? Help me understand. Ok, I am ranting.

You know, I have looked through a few of my last stories and have noticed, to the untrained eye, that I may be coming off as a ranter. I am not as bad as most of those talk radio guys. I have said this before. How they can call it talk radio when all they do is yell and never let a person finish a sentence is beyond me.

Anyhow, I am implementing a new plan. It is called the NEW leaf plan, kind of like the NEW deal plan, only it won’t affect as many people. But you are more than welcome to use this plan if you feel it will work for you. The plan: No more complaining! Well, unless you have both sides of the story and you have a plan to fix what is broken. Now this is something I hope will catch on. Let start right off with the biggest offenders, Politicians.

That brings me to today’s comments: Now, I could not report my comments on this subject until the dust settled- or should I say MUD settled. I am talking about the demarcated debate, held in Las Vegas, NV at UNLV. Hopefully, this was not a mandatory field trip for the political science dept. The last thing we want is to have students learning that this is the way that politics is run. I cannot tell you how appropriate it was to have this round of debate housed in Las Vegas.

This round was not much different than the last one, with VEGAS odds at six men to one woman. With a field that was comprised of mostly men. Now notice I did not say gentlemen. Mainly on the count of the fact that there were none present. However, Hillary Clinton did get some support for all the ribbing she got- support from the audience, who got to the point that they started booing any low blows directed to her. Then again, this was Vegas and they are used to seeing a good fight. Many of them probably had sports book wagers hanging in the balance. I feel like I am repeating myself from the last debate when I say: Do the democrat’s know that they are running against the REPUBLICANS? And not their own party. Democrats are making themselves so ugly that even their own mothers would not recognize them when they’re done. We might just start calling them the Demean-o-crates. Now, it is understandable that we need to find out what the candidates believe and how they will turn that into action. Anything else, as Clinton said, ‘Mud Slinging”! What Americans need are candidates who can lead, not mislead.

Now if you are like me, you keep score as to how many questions were answered. I counted 3. 3 … is all that I counted. And yes and no’s don’t count. The big question that was answered in this debate was the issue about the NYC mayor working on a program to give illegals a Drivers licenses. This was the hot question last time, with Hillary coming off with a Luke warm response. This time the field was ready.

Hillary: A firm NO.

Obama: NO.

Edwards: NO.

I wonder if these candidates got the memo last week about the mayor killing this idea of the Drivers license.

Ok, here is the plan. All the candidates get to ask each other 5 questions about their history or the plan for the future IF they became president. We will then get them all into a lie detector test session and see how they do. Then again, that might leave us with only one truthful person, the one giving the test.

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