Osama bin Laden Tape – A message from the beyond!

What is the reason for the new “bin Laden” tape?

Since having a “facelift” (well, new head actually), we have only heard audio messages from “Osama bin Laden” and according to one report on the latest message “one can also hear that bin Laden is quite short of breath for a man who is just 52 years old, suggesting a possible health issue”

A possible “health issue,” are they kidding? The man is dead and has been for quite some time!

However, this does not stop the creators of Al Qaeda (the CIA) from continuing to use bin Laden’s name for propaganda purposes, with videos and audio recordings appearing at the most convenient times.

John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer and ABC News consultant said “This is the first real indication that we’ve had of a bin Laden health problem…. There have been rumors for years, but this is really the first solid evidence that there’s some sort of problem with his health”

Osama Seance
Osama Seance

It is interesting that the “health” issue has taken more importance than the content of the message, described as the usual “threats and rhetoric”

Kiriakou went on to add “This indicates to me that something is amiss. Perhaps it is a result of all these years living wherever it is he’s living – in a cave, in a series of tunnels, in a mud fort somewhere. Perhaps, his body just can’t take the strain of all these years living in the rough,”

.” .why did he release the tape with the wheezing in it?” Kiriakou asks “Is it a chronic condition and he had to release the tape now because he’s not going to get any better? Or, was there some other reason for releasing the tape now?”

Could the “wheezing” be some allergic reaction to all the dust in that cave? Has he got a cold? Has the stress forced him to take up smoking? Or could it simply be the producers of the “bin Laden Show” are preparing us for the last episode of this saga?

President-elect Barack Obama has already mentioned (during the campaign) that the capture or death of bin Laden, and the defeat of al Qaeda, would be one of his administration’s highest priorities. There was also a discussion on Tuesday to prepare for a possible “terror attack” during the Presidential transition.

So, what is the reason for the bin Laden tape? Are we shortly going to hear that Laden’s body has been found, following some renewed efforts by Obama, providing some good PR. Or will there be some “attack” which enables the new President to respond in some “heroic” way?

One can’t help remembering the words of Colin Powell in October (last year), when endorsing Obama he said “The problems will always be there and there’s going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January that we don’t even know about right now.” Oddly enough, Joe Biden also talked about a “guarantee” of a “generated crisis” to “test the mettle” of the new leader within six months of the new presidential term.

What are these people cooking up for us this time?