Oregon’s Portland Community College Decides to Harbor Illegal Immigrant Students

Are universities and community colleges breeding grounds for leftist, anti-federal agendas?

Glimpses of this issue have been witnessed already in scenes of student protests, demonstrations, hugging events, and threats of non-cooperation with authorities under the Trump administration if they start removing illegals from the country. Of the latter, the Portland Community College (PCC) in Portland, OR, is the latest example.

Portland Community College
Portland Community College. Image @ Wikimedia

In an email message to all current students, sent on behalf of PCC President Mark Mitsui, on November 23, the college assured students that it would not cooperate with federal immigration authorities in order to save their illegal or undocumented students.

“We can state what PCC will do to support our immigrant students,” says the email message, a copy of which is available to this journalist. “Similar to local law enforcement agencies, PCC will not act on behalf of federal agencies to enforce immigration laws.”

Not only this but the message also informs of an event titled “Coming Out of Shadows” to be held on December 6, at the Rock Creek Campus, wherein students would come out and reveal themselves as undocumented. In other words, illegals who break the law and sneak into the country will be allowed to act out pride and “openness” over their status of undocumented – in crude terms, a law-breaker.

It is interesting to note that the way the message has been phrased serves well the liberal agenda of brainwashing through manipulating language while distorting facts. The term “immigrant students” is an exhibition of this agenda. There is nothing called an immigrant student; students arriving from abroad are always given a non-immigrant visa. For full-time students it’s an F1 visa and that is strictly a non-immigrant visa. Other visas for shorter-term studies are all non-immigrant visas. But obviously the college has chosen to omit the word “illegal” from the term because this word shows the real background of the “immigrants.”

As a former International student at PCC, I find it interesting and sad at once that the college has announced openly that it admits illegal or undocumented students. This is injustice to those students like myself who met all requirements of the federal authorities to get a visa to the country, including not working for an American employer for the first year of study and then working under constraints of the college. And now the college itself decides to become a sanctuary for illegals? What a huge discrepancy!

I wonder if this college still expects to earn respect from the conservative students of US and like-minded individuals, like myself, who call for respect of immigration laws and be honest and transparent? Worse, I fear that such political decisions by colleges with liberal/leftist heads will lead to further division in the nation, especially in the youth, many of whom are brought up with the ideals of patriotism and respect of law and the federation.