Occupy Movement in Shambles

One must realize a ‘movement’s’ objective before they protest themselves, join the group, or even support their actions watching them on TV. What is their long term goal? Is yours the same? Are their protestations doing any good?

‘Occupy’ protests, at over 30 cities countrywide, have been on a rampage. But comparisons of Tea Party gatherings, and Occupy protests are imminent. The Tea Party does not like the socialistic tendencies of the Obama regime. The Occupiers screamed “exploitation by capitalism.” At [workers.org] Workers World Party, you’ll see signs saying, “A job is a right; capitalism doesn’t work.”

When asked why Occupiers were there, most implied ‘tough economic times and employment opportunities’. None of them responded with Obama’s higher unemployment rate, additional onerous regulations, higher taxes, or pushing for a socialist state. That is nothing the Founding Fathers had in mind.

D4Y3 Yoshinori Yamaguchi colorized, public domain
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Instead, protesters sent the message: “this is our right to protest, assemble, and discuss world economic injustices.” However, the protestors have never protested about the injustices instigated by the present administration.

To make their point, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement began breaking numerous federal laws. Fracturing judicial restraining orders, systematic sabotage, and continuous trespassing by OWS were rampant. Violence was integral in an attempt to shut down ports from California to Alaska. At one site, OWS formed a human chain, blocked a railroad to prevent a grain delivery, and shouted profanities at police. This is a direct violation of the Hobbs Act-using robbery or extortion to impede interstate commerce.

Just in the Port of Longview (Washington), OWS’s “Day of Rage” turned into a three-month ‘hissyfit’. OWS took six guards hostage, broke windows, dumped grain, and cut train brake lines. One has to wonder how many wages and business, was lost by truckers and shippers.

In DC, Jim Dinegar (President/Washington Board of Trade) said the park OWS ravaged now looked like “a toxic waste dump.” In his interview, posted on YouTube, he revealed several major problems.

The Port of Oakland is requesting residents not to support any shutdown, which would steer traffic away from Oakland, and destroy any job production for their port.

Every single OWS protest has cost cities millions in police overtime with hundreds of arrests, rapes, decimated public property, broken ordinances and vagrancy laws, gross permit violations, theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity. One simply needs to view the rap sheet on OWS to view these atrocities. This barbarous behavior was common in all of OWS’s protests.

Then why was the Tea Party, since its inception, held to every minute law for staging any protest? Strange, but unlike OWS, they had no arrests, rapes, or any of the above criminal acts. The Tea Party had “0” arrests, total. OWS had 700 arrests in one Washington march alone.

Imagine if every ‘Occupier’ voted for a president who would cut taxes for Americans, reduce expenditures and the deficit, eliminate job-killing regulations, allow US available-oil expansion, disallow Black genocide by abortion and get more Americans into the work force, an America the Founding Fathers envisioned would appear.

Total dollar loss for all those cities because of OWS insurrection is in the billions. Total job loss is in the thousands. With Obama’s planned socialism, things would only get worse. It seems as if it is OWS’s intention is to rid America of the elites that ‘control’ Wall Street.

Hopefully protesters will realize that all Wall Street tycoons are dependent on everyday Americans. On what citizens buy, what they feel is a profitable business, what makes money for them, and what keeps the general operating machine of America running. If a business entity in America is failing, Americans stop buying, the stocks go dry, and Wall Street investors are abandoned. Normal Americans run Wall Street. OWS wants to kill that type of capitalism?

In other words, if Obama is re-elected, we get a government-run socialist state. Our Founding Fathers will not just be turning over in their grave…

Kevin Roeten
A former Chemical Engineer, Kevin Roeten enjoys riding the third rail of journalism: politics and religion. He is a Guest Columnist for the Asheville Citizen-Times, and the Independent (Ohio), writes for numerous blogs, is an amateur astronomer, and delves into scientific topics.