Obama’s ‘Fewer Horses and Bayonets’ Most Memorable Phrase of Entire Campaign!

Clearly, the ‘Fewer Horses and Bayonets’ jab by Barack Obama last night was the strongest and most memorable hook of all three presidential debates! It’s the soundbite that will invade and occupy social media; it’s also the one that will flash on a voters mind-screen as they enter the privacy of their voting booth, where detachment or objectivity tends to melt away, and emotional/political temperament holds sway, as you twist the nobs of history and elect our next President of these United States.

obama romney 3rd debate

One would prefer that an individual voter would be more analytical, more of a chip off the old block, of a political science major in yesteryear’s college days, but it just aint happening; in this day and age, people are controlled by tiny soundbites and rapid flickering images, that make a strong impression on our fickle brains, and we’re left helplessly in the grip of a single picture, or a cluster of words that suggest a whole series of angular thought-patterns, that cement what we know, from previous things said.

Well, you’re probably wondering what I’m driving at with these snow drifts of seemingly disconnected jabberwocky and dressed-up pomp? ‘Fewer Horses and Bayonets’ says it all about Mitt Romney. Mitt believes he’s the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan, who committed to building a stronger navy in 1983, and actually followed through on this plan. *(The Cold War is a done deal, Mitt!) But a repeat of this is as good as a Civil War reenactment of the Monitor and Merrimac. It’s an anachronism, and uncalled for; we don’t need 350 naval vessels, we got aircraft carriers now!

Yea, as hard working people enter the voting booth, they’re going to remember that Mitt wants to take us back to the 1980s, if not the 1950s, which would be a really stupid thing for us to do. Obviously, Romney won’t be able to reduce the deficit, if he increases military spending (frivolous and wasteful military spending, I might add) by a trillion dollars. It looks as if Mitt was massaged and coached beyond the pale to not seem bellicose around the world, even frequently touting the power-phrase ‘peaceful planet,’ as if those two words would in any way mirror who he really is. An impossibility!!

This just makes him look all the more plastic to the American People, who can see this Halloween Mask Mitt wears to disguise a man who’ll get us into another war, probably in the first few weeks of office (but he ain’t going to Washington, it’s back to Michigan, or wherever he lives!). Mitt’s a Two-Faced Janus! He has a history of being a War Hawk, and now suddenly, just two weeks before the election, he wants to look like a big shooting the peace sign pacifist, who favors diplomacy before war. Your mask is not opaque, its translucent, Mister Romney!

Another sound bite that’s sure to give Obama a victory in Ohio, is “We’d be buying cars from China instead of selling cars to China.” Obama saved General Motors and Ford and now they’re stronger than ever! Barack saved lots of jobs in Ohio. In fact, the economy is coming back at a rapider pace in Ohio, then it is in many other parts of the nation. Ohio would be in the tank had the auto industry gone bust, which is what Romney wanted (since he believes in a primitive form of economic Darwinism).

Romney doesn’t mind shipping our jobs over to China, since labor is cheaper, and the capitalist investor (such as himself at Bain) can make a fatter profit. That’s the bottom line with this business man, he doesn’t care about our people here at home. His philosophy is that free market capitalism will determine how the chips fall. If Americans lose jobs because labor is cheaper in India and China, then that’s the reality of the situation. Obama KO’d this rich, ruthless entrepreneur last night, and gets the last laugh of the three debates. 2 for Barack, 1 for Mitt. Horses and bayonets is the sticker!

Source: NY Times