North Koreans Continue To Launch Missiles Into Sea of Japan

Dictator Kim Jong Un of North Korea is becoming more than the usual nuisance to the Trump administration. His persistent bad behavior is rapidly evolving into a national security priority. The unstable despot launched a series of erratic missiles into the Sea of Japan.

On Wednesday, in the early hours of the morning, the North Koreans decided to launch another missile into the darkness, targeted for landing less than 300 nautical miles from Japan. The recent provocative scaling of military actions are a deep worry for the Japanese, South Koreans and their U.S. ally.

This time the missile exploded shortly after launch. The latest version of Kim’s ICBM is considered a threat to the West Coast of the U.S.

Reuters reported, “U.S. Pacific Command detected what we assess was a failed North Korean missile launch attempt in the vicinity of Kalma,” According to Navy Cmdr. Dave Benham “A missile appears to have exploded within seconds of launch.”

It was later confirmed by an unidentified South Korean official. “It may have exploded right after it took off from a launch pad,” the official said.

failed north korean missile was aimed at the Sea of Japan.
Failed North Korean missile.

In recent days, the Chinese have been put on notice that if they do not contain the North Koreans, “all options are on the table.” The failed launch came just days after the North Koreans announced that a “new era” in weapons was about to begin.

“He (Kim Jong Un) noted that the success made in the current test marked a great event of historic significance as it declared a new birth of the Juche-based rocket industry,” North Korean news agency KCNA reported.

“Juche” is the regime’s official name for its ideology, which is roughly translated as “self-reliance.” The North Korean dictator has emphasized that the whole world will soon witness what eventful significance the great victory won today carries.

“Victory” seems to be a strange word to describe a failed launch. Nevertheless, the missile was launched from Wonsan. It is the latest action that is alienating the North Koreans even further from the rest of the world.

Whether the ominous warning delivered by secretary of State Rex Tillerson to the Chinese will be acted on is now the primary question. Every day that goes by finds the North Koreans further stepping up what can be construed as an act of war against its Asian neighbors.

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