Nigel Farage Warns That America Is Following Britain Into A Multicultural Mess

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD (Newsblaze) European Parliamentarian Nigel Farage speaking at a forum sponsored by Breitbart media at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington had a message about global security for those assembled.

“I will also talk tonight about the security situation” “After fifteen years of standing together of fighting endless wars whether it is in Afghanistan or Iraq, whether its our intervention in Libya or whether its to get involved in Syria.” He said rather than making the streets of London or New York safer, “We’ve actually stoked the fires of militant islamism by doing what we have done,” noted the head of the UK Independence party.

Farage remarked it is “time to fight the war in our own country.” and also, “I’m afraid to say we have a fifth column.” “A fifth column that wants to destroy us,” and in order to win, he said we would need to stand up for “Judeo-Christian values.”

Then, talking about the loss of cohesion, he said “minorities would need to live under the same values.”

The erstwhile englishman preceded that message by a discussion of the state of the British Conservative party which in his view has “merged in with the social democrats.”

“Its great UKIP has got an invitation.”

“What are the comparisons, what are the differences between US politics and British politics?”

Farage noted the English speaking world, common law, a shared history were the the things that drew us together.

Additionally Farage took a shot at Herman Van Rumpoy, a senior European Union Official, who Farage said has the charisma of a “damp rag and a low grade bank clerk.”

“I’ve got a chance to say some words later on, if there’s anyone in that hall that believes in supernationalism, thinks the euro is going to be a success, and is a relation of Herman Van Rumpoy’s.”

I guess I’m going to enjoy the evening far more than they are.

CPAC continues through Saturday.

Randy Foreman
Randy Foreman is the NewsBlaze White House Correspondent, reporting from inside and outside The White House and around the beltway in Washington, D.C.