NFL May Have Made Bargain With the Devil

It appears from the most recent television ratings that the National Football League is losing its grip on the American public. Plagued by sagging ratings, player protests and fan outrage, the NFL is in desperation mode.

That can be directly linked to their new affiliation with Democratic billionaire George Soros and his group of political activist organizations. Under an agreement with the Players Coalition, NFL owners plan to funnel tens of millions of dollars to the Dream Corps.

It is a leftist advocacy group led by former Obama adviser Van Jones and linked to Mr. Soros. They call for the Clean Power Plan, cutting the prison population by half and providing “sanctuary for all.”

The $89 million, seven-year deal includes millions of dollars for the Players Coalition, according to ESPN. In the past, they have sought advice from Soros-funded groups such as the Campaign for Fair Sentencing of Youth and the Center for American Progress, a leader of the anti-Trump “resistance.”

empty nfl seats.
Empty NFL Seats.

The main idea of the bargain is aimed at addressing the social justice concerns that have led players to sit or kneel during the national anthem. It has done little to stop players like Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers and Michael Thomas of the Miami Dolphins from kneeling. It is their contention the deal is “inadequate.”

The agreement distributes funding for both local and national efforts. On the national side, the owners agree to pay $73 million over seven years, with 25 percent earmarked for the United Negro College Fund and 25 percent to the Dream Corps.

The remaining 50 percent would be controlled by the Players Coalition, which has filed for 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status, as a fiscally sponsored project of the Hopewell Fund, which is managed by Arabella Advisors, a major player in the environmental movement.

Mr. Soros’ fingerprints can be found on many of the involved organizations. The Dream Corps, which merged in 2014 with Green for All, is an environmental group founded by Van Jones in 2007. Its funders include Open Society as well as former Vice President Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection.

Jones resigned as President Obama’s “green jobs czar” in 2009 amid reports of his earlier Marxist activism. He has since championed the green energy industry and raised his profile as a CNN political analyst.

About 40 players are involved in the Players Coalition. Many others have criticized the agreement, accusing the NFL of financing the deal by diverting funding from its other major charitable initiatives, such as Salute to Service and Breast Cancer Awareness. But apparently, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thinks it will help revive sagging TV ratings.

Sixteen players sat or took a knee before the Week 13 games. It is yet to be seen if football fans will continue to rise and turn on the television.

dream corps.

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