New Hampshire Democrat Congresswoman Lies in Public Over Gold Star Mother

At a debate between Jeb Bradley and Carol Shea-Porter in New Hampshire, incumbent Carol Shea-Porter lied about speaking to a Gold Star mother.

Gold Star mother, Natalie Healey, whose Navy SEAL son was killed in Iraq, had been trying to contact Shea-Porter. According to Healey, Shea-Porter did not return any of her phone calls.

In the opening minutes of the debate, Jeb Bradley acknowledged Natalie Healey and Debbie Lee, both Gold Star mothers of Navy SEALs killed in Iraq.

One question asked of the candidates was about the importance of staying in touch with constituents. The Bradley campaign had released a radio ad that Healey made, exposing the fact that Carol Shea-Porter did not return Healey’s numerous phone calls.

Shea-Porter said staying in touch with constituents was important to her and that she had in fact spoken with Natalie Healey. Carol Shea Porter had just lied publicly on the platform.

After the debate, the two mothers approached the stage and confronted Shea-Porter about the lie. Shea-Porter responded that she had contacted Natalie Healey and had just issued a press release to counter the accusations in the radio ad. At that point she quickly went back stage.

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