Mammatus Usher In Same-Sex Marriage

Massive Harbinger Ahead

As the clouds of despair loom on the horizon, the passage of same-sex marriage by 5/9ths of the Supreme Court and Obama and his minions has occurred. The ominous specter of “mammatus clouds” bodes ill for ensuing weather.

Something has happened to usher in the savage harbinger of same-sex marriage-that will change the history of humanity.

Likely Outcome

Known as mammatus clouds, these strange, pouchy formations often occur in association with a thunderstorm. They have been seen in lots of places, including the Midwestern United States. They are some seriously weird looking clouds, said cloud physicist Patrick Chuang. But scientists do have some theories about mammutus clouds. Another cloud physicist, Daniel Breed of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, says buoyancy and convection of air is the key.

So many refuse to extrapolate the likely future actions by America, with DOMA’s extinction. One such highly likely future outcome is continued morphing of what many call ‘marriage’, into a recognized ‘association’ with other symbiotic life forms on this planet. Now if one can ‘marry’ someone of the same sex, what’s to keep them from ‘marrying’ multiple partners? From marrying close relatives, children, own kids?

What about ‘marriage’ to a pet, or some other innocuous form of life? Bottom line, this sort of co-habitation has been going on for eons. The only difference is, now people will demand benefits just as married heterosexual couples receive (e.g., tax write-offs, dependent credits, and deceased spousal rights).

Claim Of Discrimination

So many homosexuals scream ‘discrimination’, while transforming the definition of ‘marriage’, and convincing people homosexuals are always the object of discrimination. Homosexuals can associate with anyone they desire. They just can’t have babies with same-sex partners. So many buy into the fallacy all homosexuals are discriminated against, and are typically castigated outsiders.

Recently homosexuals have been going ecstatic after the dissolution of DOMA. Violence threatened for years by homosexuals who are intolerant of differing views, turned ugly at a “gay pride” event recently in Seattle, where authorities arrested two men for attacking a preacher.

Didn’t Jesus say to love all people, but point out errors in any sinful excursion?

‘Privilege’ And ‘Right’ Are Two Different Ideas

All occupations can work, but some are given the ‘privilege’ to work at certain occupations requiring certain skills. That does not mean doctors are better people than garbage collectors or any other profession. However, doctors don’t usually have the fear of needles (trypanophobia). That gives them the privilege of practicing the profession.

Airline pilots don’t have a fear of heights (acrophobia), or other pertinent phobias (aerophobia, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, etc…). Astronauts are rejected for cases of xenophobia-fear of strangers, foreigners, or aliens (among a myriad of others). There exist over 300 psychological conditions, or documented phobias. If you’re not good with numbers, you won’t be a CPA. Without super-quick physical reactions, forget an ‘Indy’ driver. Certain skills are necessary for certain occupations.

Morphing of ‘DOMA’

Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), passed by Congress (signed/Bill Clinton), spelled out exactly what federal law said about marriage and its conditions: “the word ‘marriage’ means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word ‘spouse’ refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife.”

My, how things change. Benefits granted to same-sex ‘marriages’ will hugely hurt the defense budget, exclaims the (CMR) Center for Military Readiness. Immediately afterward, Chuck Hagel (Defense Secretary) announced all benefits given to military spouses would now be extended to same-sex couples. CMR cites the Comprehensive Review Working Group (CRWG) in predicting a major wave of beneficiaries coming in on the heels of the same-sex spouses.

David Harsanyi (GOPUSA) about Catholic view of marriage: .” Twitter ‘hashtag’ campaigns into abandoning a few thousand years of tradition, it can only be chalked up to homophobia.” He was obviously being quite facetious about homophobia, which is now classified two ways. Past definitions reveal an irrational or morbid fear of homosexuality/homosexuals. Today, many simply feel homophobia is any negative attitude one could have about a homosexual.

“Non-Negotiables” In Catholic Faith

How can marriage stay rigidly defined for over 4 thousand years, but redefined in the last twenty? How many forget the 5 Catholic ‘non-negotiables’: 1) abortion, 2) euthanasia, 3) Embryonic Stem Cell Research, 4) Human Cloning, and 5) homosexual ‘marriage’. These five issues concern actions intrinsically evil-fundamentally conflicting with the moral law-and can never be deliberately performed under any circumstances. It is a serious sin to deliberately endorse or promote any of these actions.

All real Catholics hope those ‘fallen-away’ for following a ‘non-negotiable’, come back to the Faith.

There should be no doubt same-sex ‘marriage’ is about much more than marriage. It is a deliberate, conscious assault on religion and all traditional values. Homosexual unions will never produce kids. Therefore marriage can never be part of a homosexual union.

One would think having a jet pilot who occasionally has fits of epileptic seizures not to be a good option while landing a plane. Therefore that person should never be awarded flyer’s wings. That same calculation should render any same-sex marriage as invalid-despite GOD’s warnings…