Make it Come True, Floridians! Make Alex Sink Florida’s First Woman Governor!

“The future of Florida is what’s on the line. If you want an economy with better paying jobs, then you come with me. If you want local parents and teachers to run our local schools, then you come with me. If you want honesty and integrity, if you’re ready for a new day in Florida, then you come with me.” -Alex Sink

I’m on the outside looking in, I confess, I’m from Texas, but am utterly fascinated with the prospect that Alex Sink will become the first woman governor of Florida. Comparisons with Ann Richards, the first woman governor of Texas (1990-1994), are inevitable. Ann had a feistiness and spirit about her that Alex Sink shares. And against some negative odds, I believe Alex Sink will prevail on Tuesday.

Polls fluctuate daily, if not hourly, in this battle with Republican candidate Rick Scott. Averages are running at 46% for Alex Sink and 46% for Rick Scott. That would place 8% of the Floridian voters as undecided, a large percentage only two days before the election. Recent polling of Independents suggests that they are trending Republican, but I don’t believe this pattern is a proper fit to Florida. The Sunshine State is a wildcard, always has been.

Alex Sink

What’s impressive is that despite some recent small potholes in the road, Alex Sink has continued to trend upward. The problem with the cell phone text message that was read shortly before the last debate has not translated into a significant backlash for Sink. Floridians have wisely stayed focused on the issues before them-jobs, education, immigration, health care and energy. These inconsequential sidebars are empty pathways, dead-end roads that lead to snapping alligator pits of triviality.

The problem of Bill Clinton allegedly asking Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race, is a little stickier. But now it is clear, Meek will not drop out, as he made perfectly clear Friday night when he appeared on Keith Olbermann. If Meek dropped out of the race, there wouldn’t be a Democrat on the ticket, and so then Alex Sink would be dropped from the ticket too. Moreover, if Meek gives up, African American vote would stay home, and Rick Scott would be the beneficiary.

But this is not going to happen, so please exercise your right to vote. Another hurdle I observe, is that if more people vote for Tea Party extremist, Marco Rubio, which looks like the trends of the polls, then in order for Alex Sink to win, people will have to vote a split-ticket. Please feel free to split your ticket, if you feel so inclined to vote for Marco Rubio. I see this as the biggest problem. Voting a straight ticket is much easier, but please take the time to cast your vote for Alex Sink.

Sink is stronger on the issues and she has more experience, as Florida’s chief financial officer. And Sink has been crafty in how she has distanced herself from Obama when she needs to, yet embracing him when it’s best for Floridians. She has been critical of how the BP spill was handled, calling for a third-party administrator to monitor the complicated claims process. But Sink knows it’s best to stay in the grace of Obama, so that federal dollars can come south.

I will link Alex Sink’s web page for you, so please study her position on the important issues. To stimulate jobs, she will give tax cuts for small businesses, and if companies will hire Floridians, they will get tax cuts. On Immigration, Sink wants to fine companies who are caught hiring undocumented workers, but is not so Draconian as to favor support for the Arizona-type measure SB 1070. On energy, she promises to make alternative energy investment a priority, such as solar and renewable. Wisely, she calls for a ban on oil drilling from 3 to 10 miles off Florida’s coast.

Sink’s strength is education, which she sees as a key for building a foundation of opportunity for the future of Florida. I like the way her program for education ties in the public education system with industry and the development of skills that will result in job creation for Floridians. I wish something similar would happen in Texas (of course, it won’t). Yes, Alex reminds me of Ann Richards, she’s smart, witty, thrifty and experienced. Tuesday is the day of reckoning, Florida will elect their first ever woman governor for the Sunshine State!

Alex Sink-“Future”

Alex Sink For Governor of Florida