Ivanka Trump Poised To Take First Lady Role?

Ivanka Will Serve as the Hostess in the White House

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s oldest daughter, is poised to assume duties assigned to the first lady.

Though Melania Trump is still expected to play a role in the White House, a CNN news report says Ivanka is likely to play the part of Washington hostess as well as an adviser and advocate.

In addition, Ivanka is reportedly looking at White House office space. Aside from that, a rumorsays Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner are reportedly house-hunting in Washington this week.

Amid the rumors, Hope Hicks, Trump’s spokeswoman, told CNN, “No decisions have been made regarding Ivanka’s role.”

If Ivanka will take prominent roles assigned to the first lady, this is not something new in the United States. In fact, first ladies aren’t always presidential spouses. One good example is the title referred to the beautiful, popular Harriet Lane, niece of James Buchanan, the only lifelong bachelor US president.

Ivanka Trump, the oldest daughter of President elect, Donald Trump.
Ivanka Trump, the oldest daughter of President elect, Donald Trump.

What About Jared Kushner

Roles and titles for Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, have not been determined. However, Kushner, an investor and businessman, is rumored to be given a space in the West Wing in the White House and may have an office there.

Kushner has played a significant role in Trump’s campaign. He was the top adviser, alongside President-elect Donald Trump’s three adult children – Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump in Focus

Ivanka Trump is a prominent businesswoman and a former fashion model. She is the daughter of real estate developer and President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump and former model Ivana Trump.

Ivanka has been supportive of his father’s political pursuits. In fact, Ivanka publicly endorsed her father’s presidential campaign in 2015. She stood by her father’s side during the campaign period and defended Donald Trump amid the controversies.

Ivanka has shown her interest in climate-related platforms. She is known for her commitment to promote policies to combat climate change.

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