The Burgerian – First Unique Restaurant to Open In Hollywood

Just a few short weeks have passed since the opening of Frendy Kim’s Burgerian. Frendy, from Korea, has a family who is very successful with their restaurants in Korea. They have given their endorsement for him to open the first unique restaurant under their family banner.

Known for their bakery in Paraguay, the family makes all their own buns and creates sandwiches which are unique and favorable, unlike the average sandwiches served in restaurants.

But it is not just about the preparation of the sandwich, that has folks raving about something different and delicious, it’s the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The Burgerian has marble floors and colorful lights that change colors inside and outside the restaurant. It is surrounded by LCD screens for patrons to watch their favorite sports game. It is a setting of contemporary design.

On this occasion, my guest was the dynamic actor, Tony Curtis Blondell. Tony is known for such films as Slashers, Dark Heads, LAPD African Cops, and Cybercity. In addition to enjoying good cuisine, Tony’s expertise in training individuals for optimum health has had great benefit to them greatly.

Burgerian outside patio.
The Burgerian outside patio.

Culinary Journey

Our waitress, Kim, and the lovely Ynsokmiena Seang, along with Venessa Avery, started our journey with Skinless Chicken Wings, served with homemade sauce and sesame seed, and 4 mini chicken and corn sandwiches.

The chicken wings are a recipe from Frendy’s mother. This was served with freshly squeezed orange juice.

We were then served a Chicken Breast Sandwich, Shrimp Burger, Veggie Burger and a Triple Layered Tuna Sandwich. All sandwiches are prepared upon the order, and all buns are made in the morning. The Tuna sandwich is prepared with,ham, egg,and a homemade sauce, while the hamburger is prepared with mozzarella cheese and an egg.

special sauce chicken with sesame seeds.
Special sauce chicken with sesame seeds.

Special thanks to Kareem Williams and Savan Engle for their assistance in the information provided in this story.

The Burgerian is located at 5820 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. To make reservations for events, small parties and celebrations call 323-848-4673.

Celebrity Scene News awards four stars for atmosphere, quality of cuisine and excellent service.

Pete Allman Frendy Kim and Tony Blindell.
Pete Allman Frendy Kim and Tony Blindell.
The Burgerian.
The Burgerian.
mini chicken and corn sandwiches.
Mini chicken and corn sandwiches.
ladies bathroom.
ladies bathroom. Photo: Burgarian.
tuna sandwich.
Tuna sandwich.
the friendly burgerian staff.
The friendly Burgerian staff.
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