Is Facebook Now The White House Media BFFN?

By Randy Foreman, NewsBlaze White House Correspondent

WASHINGTON – (Newsblaze) A defiant but tardy White House Spokesperson Josh Earnest addressed the White House Press Corps on Wednesday letting them know that President Obama’s long expected decision on Amnesty was posted on the social media giant Facebook and that an address to the nation was expected on Thursday announcing the policy culminating in a Friday trip to Las Vegas for the signing. In between all of that the President was expected to meet for dinner with House and Senate Democrats.

“Is it a thank you to Zuckerberg?” inquired the front bench of the Brady Press Briefing room at Mr. Ernest, right off the bat after the briefing got underway almost 15 minutes behind schedule. The mainstream media, The White House Best Friend for the past six years, may be out of favor, as the Executive Order notice has been published on Facebook first.

Some people are now asking if Facebook is The White House Best Friend For Now (BFFN) ?

Several times during Wednesday’s briefing Mr. Ernest repeated a constant refrain “We’re always open to conversations with Republicans that share the President’s values.”

White House Correspondents
Press at a White House briefing

However the momentous decision caused even the normally supportive White House Press corps to be skeptical of the 44th President. One reporter who could only be identified to Newsblaze as Jared inquired “Is it worth the gamble?”

Another reporter from the front bench rattled off polling data and questions on the issue and stated “clearly half the people don’t think he ought to do this.”

Earnest attempted to bolster his case by pointing to President Bush’s decision to use Executive action in the Family Fairness Relief with President Bush that affected 100,000 people. However, it was noted by members of the media that was far less than the five million people this action would affect. Earnest took it one step further with the press about the gathering of House and Senate Democrats “You can describe the people at this dinner as Democrats or you can describe them as supporters of immigration reform.”

Josh Ernest
Josh Earnest at a White House briefing

When it was mentioned that Texas Senator Ted Cruz had reacted. Earnest reacted to the reporter by saying “Let me guess.”

Other reporters such as John Gizzi of Newsmax asked if the White House had involved Maine Senator Angus King. The Administration was also short on specifics when challenged about the costs of legalizing 5 million people however Earnest stated “It will become clear for the legal foundation for the actions the President is taking.”

On a lighthearted note, Barron’s White House Correspondent asked if there would be Mexican food at the dinner, in between another reporter’s question who replied “I’m off-put by that.”

Response came quickly outside the briefing room, much of it on twitter, as seen in this tweet:

Randy Foreman is the NewsBlaze White House Correspondent, reporting from inside and outside The White House and around the beltway in Washington, D.C.