IRS Commissioner Ignores Illegal Immigrant Transgressions

Americans have never liked tax collectors. It is safe to say, that of all government organizations in the US today, the IRS is the most-hated. In fact, every time there is a poll, the IRS wins the wooden spoon every time. The IRS Commissioner apparently doesn’t care, he only wants to collect tax.

It didn’t help the IRS’ reputation at all when it was discovered they were selectively auditing some people and organizations. That audit scandal back in 2012-14 made them even more hated, but once a department is the most-hated, it can’t get into a worse position on that list.

Except maybe “absolutely the most-hated!”

We could see on video, if not in person, the stern and weary look of accused IRS conspirator Lois Lerner. She defended herself and then refused to answer questions, pleading the fifth after negating it.

Then, she retired on full benefits and there were no criminal charges.

lois lerner refusing to answer.
Lois Lerner looking weary and refusing to answer. Photo: CSPAN video snapshot.

The scandal was to do with tax audits that specifically targeted conservative organizations such as the Tea Party, and her emails showed Lois Lerner knew they were purposely targeting the Tea Party. The Obama administration’s DOJ stalled any prosecution relating to those investigations, even though it looked like a political hatchet-job to anyone to looked at the evidence.

It will take a Republican administration in the White House because any of that information comes to light. Unless the evidence is destroyed first.

Now, There is another IRS scandal in the making. It seems the IRS doesn’t care about illegal immigrants breaking the law, using fake Social Security numbers or someone else’s Social Security number.

IRS Commissioner Stuns Lawmakers

Earlier this week, The Hill reported that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said it is not his agency’s job to do something about illegal immigrants who use somebody else’s Social Security number to get a job and pay their taxes. Speaking at a House Small Business Committee hearing, Koskinen told lawmakers the responsibility of the IRS is only to “make sure they pay their taxes.”

Koskinen added, “We have Social Security and immigration authorities and others who enforce that part of the law, and if we start looking behind the system and doing their job for them, we’re going discourage a lot of people from paying the taxes they owe.”


The committee was virtually speechless for a few moments.

Koskinen not only stunned the committee, he stunned anyone with a working brain!

In effect, Koskinen said that the IRS don’t care about illegality, they only care about parts of their mandate, and they can choose what parts of the law they uphold.

It seems the IRS doesn’t care if illegal immigrants are in the US, taking the jobs of Americans, they only care about getting taxes from them (as though they were American citizens). And even if they know they are illegal, they don’t pass any of that information on!

What if some of them might be terrorists?

Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) told The Hill he was shocked and horrified by Koskinen’s response.

Does Koskinen think that government agencies should go along with what they know to be illegal activity, as long as they are doing other parts of their job?

I’m speechless!

irs commissioner koskinen.
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

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