Iron Dome May Be Terrorist Insurmountable

Lately Israel has been relying on their “Iron Dome” for protection against those who want to destroy the country. Namely Hamas-terrorists who are major obstacles between the Israelis and Arabian people living in Israel. Disputes between Israelis and Palestinians began in the mid-20th century.

Much water has passed under the bridge since then, but there’s still no peace. The Iron Dome has protected civilians in Israel from Hamas’ rockets. Instead of a huge impenetrable shield built over Israel, the shield is a battery of rockets set to destroy any incoming Hamas rockets. To date, 90 percent of incoming Gaza rockets have been intercepted by this shield.

Hamas has always been considered a terrorist group by Israel, the U.S., and the European Union. The New York Times claims Hamas had literally fired thousands of rockets at Israel. Recent Hamas had four violations of a cease-fire agreement. Before the last cease-fire officially ended, the IDF, Israel Defense Forces, reported two rockets launched at Israel from Gaza. The rockets violated the cease-fire, but no immediate response from IDF.

This conflict has killed more than 800 Palestinians, with many civilians, and at least 36 Israelis, mostly soldiers. In reality, this lopsided casualty rate is a function of the effectiveness of Israel’s aerial defense system, the Iron Dome, and the use of civilians as missile shields by Hamas against the Israelis.

Now, militants have used a sophisticated tunnel system to get from Gaza into Israel, and ambush Israeli soldiers. As a result, the Israelis have bombarded Hamas strongholds killing hundreds of civilians. Israel knows how the tunnels are huge strategic threats. Even the U.S. estimates at least 60 exist. Hamas plans to use these tunnels entering Israeli civilian communities for terrorist attacks starting 9/24/14 [Security Sources].

Because of Israel’s intelligence capabilities, they give warnings to every house intended to be hit, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the attacks, but destroying the launch sites and allowing Hamas’ escape.

On July 8, WND reported Hamas leaders were hiding in bunkers underneath the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza [from Middle Eastern Security]. They believed Hamas used the Al-Shifa complex as a hiding place and command center for the Islamic operations targeting Israel.

It seems Gaza forgets it was Israel, who in the 1980s, refurbished the hospital as an outreach effort to improve relations with Palestinians.

Recently, former President Carter has rebuked Israel for fighting against Hamas. Carter makes no apologies for actually siding with the terrorists. Still, no statement by Hamas it was willing to recognize Israel and repudiate Hamas violence.

With Hamas using “human shields” it continued recent hostilities against Israel with kidnapping, murder, and missile attacks. It invested millions of dollars in building terror tunnels rather than using that money to build hospitals, schools, and better housing. Israel’s blockade of Gaza is in direct response to Hamas terrorism.

For years Hamas’ stated goal has been Israel’s destruction. But high on the list was getting Israel to reopen Gaza’s borders. Even before the current fighting, Hamas continued its call to cleanse “Palestine”-all of Israel-of all Jews. On Hamas-run Al Aqsa TV, a Hamas cleric proclaimed, “We will not leave a single one of you [Jews] alive.”

Obvious Hamas sentiments in their charter [Article 7] were cited: “Hamas has been looking forward to implementing Allah’s promise [to annihilate the Jews], whatever time it might take.” Remember Hamas’s famous slogan: “Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its Constitution, Jihad its path and death for the cause of Allah its most sublime belief.”

Shockingly, even Hillary Clinton has defended Netanyahu’s statements about the rise of Muslim fundamentalists. That translates: Israel can’t withdraw troops from the West Bank. “If I were the prime minister of Israel, you’re damn right I would expect to have control over security,” said Clinton.

Now Clinton, with recent remarks criticizing U.S. Mideast policy, has declared political war on her former boss, Obama, and readies herself to succeed him. Her recent take-down of Obama in “The Atlantic” magazine marked “the beginning of a war.”

The presidency, what Clinton wants, is making Obama fighting-mad judging by Obama’s profane response to foreign-policy critics.

Jenine Pirro, host of the Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine, is warning Obama Islamic jihadists are killing and threatening Christians and other religious minorities. One successful step, and they will be gunning for the U.S. Pirro openly stated, “They are coming for us. They as much as told us in 2009.” She said the message was delivered by the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

If Israel dies-losing this war in not an option-the war of radical jihadists will start on the entire world.