Huffington Post: Liberal Media Meltdown?

These days, readers of the liberal media must be finding it difficult to exist – and it shows. Given the extent of the political bombshells already seen this month, most strategists within the Democratic party are in damage control.

But it looks like that ‘damage control’ strategy has evolved into little more than an ostrich driving its head into the sand. Case in point, here is today’s front page at the Huffington Post:

Huffington Post Capture
Huffington Post Capture
Huffington Post Capture

There are a few things to note here. One is the clear fact that HuffPo is looking to bury the memo story as much as possible. The only mention of the memo is toward the bottom of the page, and somehow they have managed to spin the narrative in ways that suggest the Trump administration is still the problem.

This is a strategy that has become emblematic of the Left but it would appear that those in power feel as though they can adopt this strategy, as well:

James Comey tweet.
James Comey tweet
James Comey Tweet

Right, James. That’s it. The FBI is the nation’s top law enforcement agency and we now know that under the Obama administration it was used (along with the DoJ) as a political tool in an election period. Where is the real deep state?

2016 Election Map
2016 Election Map
2016 Election Map

Democrats, this is the 2016 election map. Of course, this was not the way things were supposed to be as essentially every presidential election poll suggested that these results should have been reversed.

But I can say that unless the Left learns to keep its eye on the ball, this map is only going to become more red in 2020.

This means coming up with a real strategy to promote the economy and the declining position of the United States within the rest of the world. Not constant distractions, lies, accusations of racism/sexism, etc. We see this in the gun control debate, with energy stocks, in global warming, and in many other social issues.

This is clearly not working, lefties. Right?

In 2016, I used a sports betting website to wager on Trump winning the election – and made some nice coin in the process. The way things are going, Liberals are undergoing a media meltdown and I plan to do the same thing in 2020.