Get out and VOTE! Can’t Gloat if you Don’t Vote!

I spend a lot of time roaming through a lot of blogs to try to see what folks are thinking. Back in the days when Will Rogers, (Humorist and social commentator) was at his peak, he would say, “All I know is what I read in the papers.” He always believed that people are what it’s all about. I could not agree more. If he had read blogs, I suppose folks would think of him less of a “Man of the People” and more of an avid blog reader.

I have read the stories written by the reporters for the facts they want us to know. Then I read the blogs to see what the truth of the matter is what the people think. Because that is the key to the solution, what people outside the media think. Sometimes it makes me sad when I read what folks write back to other folks. Four letter words that have nothing to do with solving anything. They only escalate the matter and both parties walk away separated and less likely to talk about the problems of our country. This should not be the reason for blogging and posting your thoughts, to have folks berate you for your freedom of speech. Today, I was reading the USAToday story on the Candidates and they were talking about something or other and at the bottom folks got a chance to post their thoughts, here are some. . .

* RKELON WROTE: I don’t want any of these people. I don’t want a politician. I want someone that can fix the problems.

*Q_ WROTE: I am happy with Clinton, but certainly not Obama. I do not think he is qualified at all and would never vote for him. I suspect a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters would sit the election out.

It is very sad that for the first time in a LONG time we have POLITICIANS who are acting less like politicians have in the past. Although it is true that chances of getting ANY politician to act like your mother or your father at their best is near impossible. We have to find something in the candidate that is picked to represent the party we stand behind in November.

Remember, YOU wanted to stand behind that party the day you decided to register that way. The definition of why you are the party you are is based on the fact that you believe in what the PARTY stands for, through thick and thin. You have to believe that the person picked to represent that party holds the same values, beliefs, and goals for our country than you do. If you are not happy with either party, start your own, but then you run the risk of becoming what you loath, a politician.

Will Rogers used to say, (Paraphrasing) “If politics was honest, it would not be politics”. History has shown the effects of starting your own party and what it has been. And if that does not work for you then move to a country where they hold your beliefs and they will allow you to live in the same freedom we have here in the USA, good luck on that one.

To say that you would not vote if a certain candidate gets in, is not a protest, but it is simply ignorant, and selfish.

PLEASE don’t take what I am saying wrong, take it as a challenge to look deep in side your RED, white and blue heart and figure out what the benefits are by not voting. Is it . . . The right to object at a later date and say” I told you so,” and then not have a way of changing things because you just don’t participate when folks don’t agree with you. Our country is made up of standing behind somebody, otherwise we stand-alone. Trust me, this trickles over to your personal life. PLEASE take a look and see what you can find in the candidate that is finally picked that moves even ONE thing in the direction we all want … FORWARD.

By the way: I am an independent and at this point I would have to bite my tongue if Hillary became the nominee, however, my other choice would be to bite the bullet, aimed at my head if McCain was nominated. The choice is ours, it is when we don’t make a choice, that’s what gets us into trouble.

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