Congress Didn’t Agree on a Budget

The House and Senate didn’t agree on a budget, and that could shut down the federal government as early as next week.

The main issue is surrounding proposed spending cuts that include budget cuts for New York.

A plan the House passed Friday cuts $61 billion and calls for huge cuts to education funding for New York: $36 million in special education funds, $466 million in college Pell grants, $30 million in aid to schools in low-income neighborhoods and 12,000 slots in pre-school Head Start programs.

Congress didn’t agree on a budget for this year and instead relied on the continuing resolutions to keep money flowing.

The $61 billion cut House Speaker John Boehner pushed through last week would lead to a budget that’s about $100 billion less than President Obama asked for.

Democrats in the Senate are looking at a temporary resolution to keep running for a few weeks beyond March 4, buying them time to cut a deal with the GOP. It’s unclear whether they’ll get it.