Clinton Campaign Scrambles to Spin New FBI Criminal Investigation

Donald Trump wasted little time taking advantage of Friday’s FBI announcement that the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server has provided new evidence not previously known. FBI Director James Comey made the startling statement in a letter to Congress that has shaken the Clinton campaign to the core.

The campaign-shattering news for the Clinton supporters, 11 days before Election Day, shows newly uncovered emails reveal “a most egregious criminal offense.” The Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta, weakly assembled the media to demand full disclosure; a wish Hillary may come to regret.

Meanwhile, in a brief stump speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Friday night that focused primarily on his Contract with the American Voter” policies, the billionaire real estate mogul prefaced his remarks by describing the Democratic presidential nominee’s email scandal as “the biggest political scandal since Watergate.” He reiterated it again in a Saturday speech.

james comey letter to congress.
James Comey’s letter to congress.

Speaking slowly and emotionlessly, Trump said, “The FBI would never have re-opened this case at this time unless it were a most egregious criminal offense. The investigation is the biggest political scandal since Watergate, and it’s everybody’s hope that justice at last can be delivered.”

The timing has created severe cause for alarm in the Hillary camp and it remains to be seen if it is the smoking gun Trump needed to overcome his polling numbers. Trump added, “I have had plenty of words about the FBI lately, but I give them great credit for having the courage to right this horrible wrong. Justice will prevail with what happened today, the system will become a little less rigged.”

The speech didn’t end there. Trump also protested Hillary’s response to FBI Director James Comey’s letter to congressional lawmakers announcing the discovery of the emails through a separate investigation. Comey had previously been in good stead with Democrats and Hillary supporters when he refused to recommend her criminal indictment last July.

Trump, rising in his emotional response said, “In a very brief remark tonight, Hillary Clinton tried to politicize this investigation by attacking and falsely accusing the FBI director of only sending the letter to Republicans, another Clinton lie,” Trump angrily pronounced. “As it turned out, the letter was sent to both Republican and Democratic leaders….”

Both Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta and Hillary Clinton had said the letter was sent only to congressional Republicans, avoiding the Democrats. That statement falsely portrayed Comey as being political. The irony is the same could have been said of the director back in July when his decision favored Hillary.

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