Hillary Far From Out of the Woods With the FBI

Most low-information voters believe Hillary Clinton is free and clear after the FBI failed to recommend an indictment for misuse of a private server as secretary of state (2009-2013). Hillary shouts to the heavens she has been “exonerated” and that FBI Director James Comey concurred. Yet sworn testimony by Comey in front of a House investigation committee told otherwise, on the record.

It has been a month since Comey’s press conference and her “exoneration.” The woman the FBI Director called “extremely reckless” is far from out of the legal woods. This is according to a source close to the Comey investigation concerning the “other” criminal investigation that has been ongoing as long as Hillary’s email debacle. Ms. Clinton is still the target of an active FBI criminal investigation.

Naturally, the media aren’t paying much attention. Yet Comey’s agents have been looking into Hillary’s relationship with foreign businessmen and governments who donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and are suspected of having received favors from the secretary of state in return. From the length of the criminal investigation, apparently there is much to investigate.

Hillary Clinton FBI, James Comey
Hillary Clinton FBI, James Comey

It is called “public corruption,” and any informed American must be wondering how a career politician and her career politician husband have become overnight multi-millionaires from speeches and government salaries. The FBI agents are trying to determine whether Hillary conducted a series of secret meetings with foreigner donors separate from her duties as secretary of state.

From information gathered by the FBI, several people interviewed have confirmed that Hillary did just that on numerous occasions while at the State Department. One interviewee said, “There are a sizable number of agents on this case. I don’t know exactly how many. It’s fewer than were assigned to the email case, but it’s still dozens of agents. By any measure, it’s a major investigation.”

Much like the tight precautions Comey instilled in the personal server investigation, to prevent inside leaks, he has ordered the agents assigned to the case to sign nondisclosure agreements and submit to random lie detector tests. Meanwhile, aside from this public-corruption investigation, Hillary’s widely known carelessness has brought to the FBI’s attention to include hostile states like Iran that hacked into her email system and compromised U.S. intelligence sources and personnel.

The source said, “Hillary shouldn’t imagine that she’s free and clear. Comey may have pulled his punches the last time around because he didn’t think his case was winnable in a court of law. It’s possible that new evidence could shock the country and make Hillary a very vulnerable presidential candidate.”

There are now 90 days until Americans vote for their choice to run the country for at least the next four years. There is no doubt that James Comey has faced extreme criticism for his private server news conference where he literally laid out the case for her indictment and then surprisingly declined to go further. Hillary may not be so fortunate in “phase two.”

Dwight L. Schwab Jr.
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