Change in Iowa

(Transcription of Audio Podcast)

Well it’s a New Year and so much happening to get us off to a great start. Oil prices 100 dollars a barrel, Pakistan, CIA debacle… but issues tall and small are being trumped by the Rep/Dem Circaucus. If you are planning on making a big splash here in the beginning of 2008, you had better wait.

Don’t solve world hunger, cure cancer, or stop global warming. But on the flip side, if you are a Hollywood untouchable this week, it might be the best time to get that DUI or commit a crime, no one will notice, not even your own mother … especially if she lives in Iowa.

They say that the first 30 seconds you meet someone sets the impression you have of them forever. If this is the case, The New Year’s baby is looking like a used car salesperson. The wheeling and dealing of the candidates this week and I am afraid until February makes the media circus look like a mere sideshow. Listening to these candidates on the airwaves, let me correct that, you pick up a candidate anywhere, Radio, TV, Internet, and even the town parrot, he will be squawking about this for the next day or so and if the parrot could vote they would fly those birds and provide crackers at the caucus. They are calling folks, emailing, and anything possible to get the final word out. “Say the hundred dollar word” “Change”.

I don’t know how you all see this, however, I think republicans got it made, they get to show up wave and make there case, then catch a plane to NH and start campaigning there. Democrats being the emotional types decided to turn the debates into negotiations. They will be barking all night to sell their wears. Democrat’s are looking like the sexy party this time around. But then again they do have the best-looking figure 32-28-24.

Democrat’s are making these Iowa folks feel right at home, feed them, babysitting services, anything that helps them get counted. Now you democrats remember that if you get into office and we have another Katrina you had better do the same as you are doing with these folks in Iowa, making them feel at home. Help is something you should get out of necessity, not as a bribe.

If you have an allergy to the word yes, Yes to change and yes to just about anything you can ask these candidates you better plug your ears and don’t be fooled by a yes answer. A little trick someone told me about a long time ago is to speak as though you think yes to everything. “I want you to know that YES you want change and YES you want the war over and yes you want our troops back and yes you want lower taxes and more healthcare, now step away and all those yes’s make a BIG NO, they all sound like YES MEN. Or woman.

But if something happens and they get in office and don’t make one of the promises, well they will be the first to say. YES, you want this and YES, you wanted that but I want the country to be safe and so I say no. After all they did say yes to everything you wanted, because yes is all you wanted to hear. In the great words of Will Rogers “In on promises, out on alibi. Oh and for all you politicians that don’t make it past tomorrow night, Give back the money you raised, it should be considered a vacation fund.

I will keep these comments short; as I know, I am not being heard today, all attention is on Iowa. If you know anyone, that you can email or phone, get to it. Tell them to vote for the candidate that will make a change, or will get the job done, or will figure out the war… Hmmm maybe we would be better with inny minny mine-e moe.

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Will Roberts is a Guinness World Record holder for Cowboy six gun, a weapons expert and professional actor. He is a trick roper and cowboy humorist, who pays tribute to Will Rogers, America’s cowboy, with a wit as quick as his rope. Will is a syndicated political cartoonist and was the trick-roping cowboy at Cirque du Soleil.

Will has covered the Republican National Convention, Democrat events and Presidential debates. At home in front of or behind the camera, in front of or behind a radio microphone, Will reports what he sees, usually with a twist of humor.