Big Tent Republicans

Democrats refuse to acknowledge that their platform issues are in direct contrast to a majority of Americans. Which is why just two Democrats who ran for President, FDR and LBJ, since the end of the Civil War accumulated at least a 51% majority vote. Therefore, they should follow the Republican’s example of being the party that is inclusive in action, as opposed to the Democrats being the party that is inclusive in rhetoric only.

So open up the tent to diversity, and I don’t mean choosing only people you consider to be worthy of diversification: Minorities, Hollywood Celebrities, pro-death activists, gays, atheists, government employees, union workers, activist judges who treat the Constitution like their own toilet paper, and “reverends” who have children out of wedlock or make knowingly false accusations against innocent people of serious crimes like rape.

Having an opportunity to hear other aspects of your party’s cause will lead to introspection and, possibly, a move away from a previous held belief and absorbing a new belief. On the other hand, it could solidify the base’s beliefs regarding the differing aspect. Either way, there are many people talking about and acting upon diversity issues inside the Republican tent.

The appeal of the Republican Party’s inclusive big tent is that the party offers tangible programs to help Americans in need. This is contrary to what Democrats offer: Short-term solutions for long-term problems. As long as the basic creed is followed, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day,” the Democrats will always have a Party. This creed is the most important aspect to the powers that be in the Democratic Party. By only feeding their constituents a fish and not teaching them how to fish, Democrats guarantee themselves recycled mass voter constituencies who have become dependent on their government.

Once society surrenders to its own government, freedom is lost and tyranny is sure to follow. Human dignity and free will becomes a distant memory because society would blindly surrender itself to government programs, each program taking a part of a person’s soul until it is gone. It is at that point that the change is complete and unforgiving. You have become a slave, and no longer a citizen, in the eyes of your government.

Richard L. Barrett III
Richard L. Barrett, III is a writer with a BA in English Literature, who loves to write about the human condition