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Richard L. Barrett, III is a writer with a BA in English Literature, who loves to write about the human condition

The Coming Unrest In The Dis-United States of America

The conflict in Iraq is pushing America to another upheaval within itself in the same way Viet Nam did. It will be ugly.
Harry Reid

Harry Reid, Protector of the American People, er, Democratic Party

Democratic Senate minority leader, Harry Reid, upon the breaking news of a major Muslim terrorist plot to blow up twenty airplanes in the sky was foiled, couldn't wait to jump at the opportunity to criticize the Bush Administration
Timothy John Ramirez at the Cat Club in San Francisco

TJR: A Revealing Portrait of A Determined Music Indie Artist

Fullerton, CA based indie recording artist, Timothy John Ramirez known as TJR, reponds to a wide range of topics regarding his music, his influences, the recording process and future plans.
Walter Becker and Donald Fagan of Steely Dan bring out the funk. Photo: Richard L. Barrett III.

Steely Dan Opens Up The Vault On Their Latest Tour

Steely Dan decided for this, their current tour, to mine the vaults of their lesser known catalogue in place of the standard fare of their AM and FM hits. Bold move and fun to boot!
Chris Carrabba, lead singer and songwriter for Dashboard Confessional. Photo:Richard L. Barrett III.

Dashboard Confessional Has A Confession To Make: We Feel Your Pain

Dashboard Confessional has a plan: To conquer the world one teenage girl at a time.
def leppard

Yeah? Oh Yeah!

Def Leppard celebrates their musical influences on their new CD, YEAH!, and forget to incorporate themselves into the music. Still, it works as a Summer ear-candy treat.

An Interview With Senator John Gore-Clinton

Senator John Gore-Clinton recently announced that he will be seeking the office of President of the United States in the 2008 election. He sat down with me for an interview covering a wide range of topics...

Fair Play and the Legacy of Barry Bonds

Examing the legacy of Barry Bonds against the backdrop of America's sense of fair play.

In Defense of Michael Berg and a Rebuttal

A supporter of the Michael Berg for Congress 2006 campaign rises to defend Berg against my previous column, Michael Berg Never Looked Into The Eyes Of A Terrorist, and I offer a rebuttal.
Guitarist and lead singer, Timothy John Ramirez

Indie Artist Takes On The Behemoth MTV Channel

Indie recording artists, The Timothy John Ramirez Band, release their new single criticizing the once maverick music-only channel that has become a haven for teen-based reality shows.

The Simple Life? It’s Not That Simple

The Simple Life returns to television this Sunday on the E! network.

The Dysfunctional Democrats

A tale of two parties, the Democrats leading up to the war in Iraq and the Democrats in the face of adversity.

Big Tent Republicans

Differences between Republicans and Democrats
Katherine McPhee

Finally The Final

An irreverent look at the past two dramatic weeks on American Idol, proving that, for this author, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.
Barry Bonds

Barry and the Babe

An opinion on how to react towards Barry Bonds' home run totals in the face of alleged steroid use.