Bernie Sanders Supporters Sue the Hillary Clinton Campaign of 2016

Ominous signs of a power struggle in the Democratic Party are emerging. The repercussions could spill over into the 2020 presidential election and whomever the Democrats select as their nominee. That in turn could spell disaster for the party’s chances.

Campaign donors to far left socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are angry. They feel the 2016 primary elections in their party were “rigged,” and there is ample proof they are right. They are using the law to make their point loud and clear.

The class action lawsuit alleges that the now-disgraced Debbie Wasserman Schultz-led Democratic National Committee worked in conjunction with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign to keep Bernie Sanders out of the White House. The lawsuit has been going on for months, yet the liberal media is reluctant to even mention it.

Average Americans have no idea of the animosity that brews between the Sanders and Clinton bases. It is bound to spill over into the presidential election in 2020. Yet the lockstep right arm of the Democratic Party chooses to remain silent so as not to reveal the deep friction among far left and moderate liberals.

One of the lawyers representing the Sander’s people is Jared Beck, a Harvard Law graduate. He is one of several attorneys who filed the suit against the DNC and its former chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

jared beck.
Jared Beck.

The lawsuit is asking retribution for donations made by supporters to the Vermont senator’s campaign. They cite no less than six legal claims for the DNC’s “deceptive conduct, negligent misrepresentation and fraud”

The lawsuit cites Article 5, Section 4 of the DNC’s charter. It accuses the committee of violating its own rules by working with a single campaign to effectively choose who would win the Democratic ballot.

The turmoil could result in the left gaining the upper hand in fundraising for the next presidential election. That could very well lead to their prominent voice selecting a far left candidate in 2020. Prominent socialists include far left Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Liberals constitute 27 percent of the voting population in this country according to a recent Harvard poll. Known for its liberal tendencies, one wonders what that percentage would be in a non-partisan poll. The idea of Warren being the party’s presidential nominee brings back memories of ultra-liberal George McGovern’s landslide loss to Richard Nixon in 1972.

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