Anyone Can Hack US Elections and FBI, DOJ Don’t Seem to Care

The recent presidential elections have raised quite a few eyebrows throughout the United States, on the basis that it may be possible to hack the electronic election software and influence the final results. Russell Ramsland, founding member and co-owner of United Security Operations, has recently entered the discussion regarding whether or not the US elections could have been hacked. The company itself handles both physical security as well as cybersecurity operations. It has a large number of employees that are alleged former employees of various three-letter intelligence and security agencies.

The founding member has recently declared that the company has conducted an investigation with regard to how easy it would be for a group or an individual to hack the US elections and influence their outcome. While United Security Operations is a commercial company, however, Ramsland states that all the research in the matter has been funded internally, out of concern regarding the future of the country, not as a result of an external request.

Ramsland has specified that the main reason the company started this investigation due to several logs that activists had brought in from the 2018 Dallas election. The company has reported that the electronic election system has several vulnerabilities that may open it up to hackers. As part of its findings, the company has allegedly discovered that the elections are no longer run by counties (as a result of the 2002 HAVA Act). Instead, they are run by private companies that work together as part of a national election system. However, these companies seem to operate without supervision or transparency, as stated by Ramsland.

hack us elections ramsland affidavit
Hacking US elections – Ramsland affidavit. Screenshot by NewsBlaze.

The group has also allegedly uncovered that the infrastructure of the election system is a patchwork comprised of many companies that handle different tasks and operations. As a result, it appears that the entire system is exposed to the internet and is not isolated in any way, shape or form. It has also been stated that some of these companies conduct elections in countries other than the United States, effectively placing them in a position of power and enabling them to have some control over their outcomes. Furthermore, some of these private companies have servers outside of the country.

As part of the investigation, the security company has also stated that there are no security standards for the election software and the certifications are based on an ad-hoc agreement between the certification company and the election one. This creates many security vulnerabilities, and it seems that anyone can get a basic copy of the election software.

The United Security Operations investigations have apparently revealed at least a dozen entry points that would enable individuals or groups of individuals to switch votes and erase the audit trails so that there will remain no trace for a potential forensic investigation. To support its claims, the company has presented detailed data, as part of an internet interview with CDMedia. While it remains to be determined whether this information is real or not, the company has analyzed the entire election system and has found several strange details, including the fact that the State of Wisconsin appears to currently have more voters than the total number of registered voters.

Ramsland has stated that he has tried to explain the situation to the Cyber Intelligence Security Administration, in Washington, DC, however, they refused to take a briefing and only accepted a short phone call. The FBI has also been contacted twice by the security company; however, the co-owner of the company has declared that the Bureau was not interested in learning more about the investigation or its results. While some employees of the Department of Homeland Security have been given access to the investigation, Ramsland has stated that they were unable to get the data to their superiors.

As part of the online interview, Ramsland also specified that a Department of Justice prosecutor who was involved in the department’s cyber commission looked at the data and agreed to submit it to the FBI, however, no investigation was started. Whether these allegations are true or not remains to be seen; however, the information uncovered by the company certainly has serious implications.

On 18th November 2020, Russell James Ramsland Jr. signed a nine-page affidavit setting out his findings. The affidavit is to be used in a new court case.

There is one error in the affidavit, where one of the townships mentioned in a list (Benville) does not exist in Michigan. Some people have suggested it is Benville Minnesota, but it may also be Berville Michigan or Berlin, Michigan. This section will be updated if a correction is discovered.