And Then They Came for The Gays

In 1991, when Clarence Thomas came before Congress for his nomination process, he was bamboozled by a former employee’s outlandish, and heretofore completely un-complained of, allegations of sexual harassment. I was only 11 years old when this happened, but even I could see that this was nothing but a shallow and desparate attempt to derail his nomination process. But I didn’t understand why. When he famously referred to that incident as a “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves,” I didn’t really understand what that meant. Now, I do.

The Democratic party, the liberals, believe that they have a hold on black Americans. They have no reason not to believe this; blacks have, in recent memory, supported the Democrats by enormous majorities.

So Thomas was a threat; he could show the public an intelligent, high ranking black man who openly and unapologetically rejected the liberal line. “Uppity” used to refer to a black person who thought that he could rise above his rank and be on par with whites; for Justice Thomas, it was no different. He was uppity by thinking for himself and rejecting the norm. He had to be stopped, and Anita Hill was to do it. While these allegations did not, fortunately, derail Thomas’s nomination, they put a serious dent in his prestige as a justice.

But this is about far more than race. More recently, we have seen the treatment of women who dare to speak against the liberal ideal. Democrats have never had as tight a hold on women as they do on blacks, but they do have some significant grip.

More important than the sheer number of voters, though, is that outspoken women are largely liberal. Many conservative women stay quiet; they have families and jobs and lives; they keep their heads down and don’t make waves. Not seen means no real threat; Democrats can continue to tell us that Republicans are the party of sexism, and who’s going to challenge them? Some man? Hah!

But enter Sarah Palin; enter Michelle Bachmann; enter even Carrie Prejean, and we have a problem. If women start seeing that they, too, could speak out about their conservative beliefs, that they could do so passionately and honestly, well, Democrats could lose what hold they have. So they don’t engage these women on their beliefs or positions. Intelligent debate is too great a risk. These women must be destroyed, with slander, threats, and more.

And now, it’s the gays. In case you aren’t familiar, the blog HillBuzz, which is run by some gay men who originally wanted to throw their full-fledged support behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, got a lot more buzz when it brazenly and defiantly rejected President Obama and the present Democratic leadership. And how does this leave them? Well, the fabulous gents at HillBuzz are now finding themselves working to uncover a plot against them that they describe as “defamation, threats, and harassment.” And, from what they’re hearing, this is more than just an internet prank:

Someone told us to be very careful with digging too deep into this, because if our hunch is right and this does lead back to the DNC and Organizing for America themselves, there are many people who will do us physical harm to keep us from exposing them.

We should have seen this coming. Gays are also beholden to the Democratic party; they’ve long voted for the D almost without thinking, and the Democrats must do no more than throw them a few crumbs every now and then to keep them onboard.

There’s reason to believe that this might be changing. Change is bad, if you’ve already got a group under your thumb. HillBuzz has publically broken ranks with the Democratic party, and criticized them at every turn since 2008. HillBuzz must be stopped.

But, HillBuzz notes something that the liberals didn’t count on:

Well, they’ve made the mistake of targeting single, gay guys with no children, no one depending on us for anything, and no real reason to sit back and let them attack us unchallenged. We live in Chicago. We’ve been mugged. We’ve been physically assaulted before. We’ve been dealing with nonstop harassment from Obama supporters for over two years now – all in service to their “Lightbringer” of Hope and Change, whose message can only, it seems, be spread through violence and thuggery.

Godspeed, Fellows. You might just lick this thing for all of us.

Lyssa Reinders
Lyssa Reinders is a recent law school graduate and freelance writer. New Jersey born, she is now quite happily a Tennessee resident, where she works as a law clerk, assisting and advising local judges in preparation for her law career. She has a longstanding passion for debates, politics, good food, and freedom. Reach her at or at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter @LyssaLR