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Lyssa Reinders is a recent law school graduate and freelance writer. New Jersey born, she is now quite happily a Tennessee resident, where she works as a law clerk, assisting and advising local judges in preparation for her law career. She has a longstanding passion for debates, politics, good food, and freedom. Reach her at Lyssalovelyredhead.wordpress.com or at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter @LyssaLR

A Review of John Samples’ The Struggle to Limit Government

A review of John Samples' The Struggle to Limit Government. The Struggle to Limit Government begins with a brief overview of progressivism leading up to Franklin Roosevelt...
David Lawrence

Looking For Hate in All the Wrong Places, Part II: A...

I went to the Tea Party looking for bad behavior. Nothing even came close.

Looking for Hate in All the Wrong Places

I'll be attending a tea party specifically looking for bad behavior. Think I'll find any?

Want Limited Government? Limit the Bills

The recent health care bill demonstrates why the U.S. government should follow Tennessee's lead and limit bills to one subject.

‘We Don’t Have a Religion of Free Speech’

Canadians value the right not to be offended over the right of expression.

And Then They Came for The Gays

Leftist thugs have apparently been defaming, threatening, harassing, and libeling the HillBuzz writers. The DNC and Organizing for America may be implicated in threats of physical harm to keep HillBuzz from exposing them.

I’m Sorry, I Can’t Understand You With That Tape Over Your...

The Advocate describes this campaign thusly: 'All of the subjects are photographed with duct tape over their mouths to symbolize that their voices aren't being heard on the subject of marriage equality.'

Why I’m Not All That Concerned About The New Allegations of...

Reid's statement is getting much more attention right now, presumably because of his current key importance in the healthcare debate.