Animal Protection Coalition to Support Haiti


An animal protection coalition has formed to deal with the Haiti crisis. The joint effort by the World Society for the Protection of Animals and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, is known as the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH).

Coralie Farren, a British RSPCA international aid officer was reported as saying “After a disaster such as an earthquake, when many people have lost their homes and health services are under huge additional pressure, there is an increased risk of disease, particularly those that can spread between human and animal populations.”

The Animal Relief Coalition team plans to travel thoughout Haiti to administer veterinary treatment, vaccinations and to feed pets and livestock.

The RSPCA, one of the organizations involved, says the mission to Haiti is urgently needed to help prevent the spread of disease amongst animals and people. Currently, 19 member organizations are involved.

The British RSPCA is collecting donations for ARCH and nptes that 100% of donations received, marked “for Haiti,” will be passed on to ARCH.

RSPCA HAITI information page

The ARCH effort is being coordinated in conjunction with the government of Haiti to help rebuild services for people and animals.

Plans include vaccinations for cows, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and other hoofed animals, and scientific monitoring and surveys on Newcastle and Gumboro diseases, that infect poultry.