A ‘Save the Stork’ Van Does Wonders

Vans Imprinted With ‘Save the Storks”

A fleet of mobile crisis pregnancy centers will be deployed in cities countrywide to give women an alternative when considering abortion.

Allysa Farah, WMD, made the initial ‘Save the Storks’ launches mobile crisis-pregnancy vehicles announcement. It was a decidedly indirect plan at saving millions of pre-borns from the innocent slaughter of abortion. It turns out that founder Joe Baker capitalized on the idea the ultrasound, instead of being used for aborting a child, could be used to save them.

PP Does Not Like New Vans

The stork was chosen as the mascot because of its comforting, unoffensive, nostalgic connection to motherhood and pregnancy. We can all remember old cartoons where a smiling stork would fly in a window and lay a swaddled baby in a crib. Outside Expectant Mother Care, a Manhattan pregnancy resource center, NYC.

Planned Parenthood (PP) Wisconsin abortion business is upset about a new law allowing women to see ultrasounds of their unborn child. So concerned, PP insisted on filing a lawsuit to stop it. Only one of about seven hundred PP locations throughout the US, they fear the inevitable-~90% of women seeing their personal ultrasound, refuse to get an abortion.

This is not something PP, the largest abortion provider in the U.S., likes because it cuts directly into their bread-and-butter-revenue from abortions. The Wisconsin legislature approved SB206 (appropriately named Sonya’s Law), which gives the mother the option to see her baby by ultrasound, as she continues with her pregnancy.

The pro-life ministry Save the Storks, explained it wanted to “empower abortion-minded mothers all over America to choose life.”

Where ‘Save the Storks’ Vans Congregate

The “Save The Storks” team is made up of those hoping to help women in life or death circumstances. They are from Vermont, Maryland, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Colorado. Their office is in Colorado Springs. That goal is achieved by the future placement of life-saving Stork Buses all over the country. They can give more women the generous gifts of their donors, and their partnership with Catholic Knights of Columbus. They change women’s lives from death to life, as they give more women the truth about life and abortion.

This medical vehicle is equipped with a counseling area and a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine. This ultrasound allows the staff to counsel women, and most importantly showing them their baby’s real-time image.

The Stork Buses are built by certified Mercedes-Benz, and cost $100,000 each. Through the van’s interior, it’s specifically designed with the woman’s needs in in mind, contains massage chairs, bathroom, refrigerator, and climate control for the woman’s comfort. Through state-of-the-art “Stork Buses,” sidewalk counselors are able to provide free pregnancy testing and a sonogram to abortion-minded women in a confidential location just outside the abortion clinic they were planning to visit.

President Of ‘Save The Storks’ Joe Baker

Joe Baker, founder and president of “Save The Storks,” is dedicated to life. As team leader, Joe has a passion to see his generation changed by the truth of the Gospel. He works hard to keep “Save The Storks” founded on prayer to share the love of Christ. Baker emphasizes the “Save the Stork” team makes sure all laws are obeyed anywhere near an abortion clinic.

“Save the Stork” stationed its first Stork Bus in Dallas, Texas. It actually is in partnership with “Downtown Pregnancy Center,” which operates the vehicle at one of the area’s five abortion clinics. Abortion seems to be rapidly growing in Dallas.

The second Stork Bus operated in Englewood, N.J. This second mobile center came into being after determination the Stork Bus was two inches shy of legal limits. The third mobile center took off in Boston, with another in Florida, plans for Merced, California, a second in Boston, and one in Michigan are already planned.

Everyone Has Heard Of Stork Stories

Mythical stork stories are known by millions, and have been told for centuries. Generations have used the stork story as an explanation for the origin of babies. The stork legend’s rich history makes storks the perfect symbol for this pro-life ministry, because storks represent mothers. While “storks” obviously want to save babies lives, they also want to concentrate on caring for the mother.

Sonograms Change Minds

For women considering abortion, “We don’t want to wait for them to come to us, we go to them,” says Baker. With the state-of-the-art Stork buses, “For $25,000 of sonogram equipment you can see real facial expressions of your baby in real time,” Baker explained. “There’s something about that that really helps the woman bond with the baby and that’s incredibly powerful.”

Baker actually said the sonogram does the work itself, and noted three out of five women who board the Stork Bus will choose life. Earlier is year, Save the Storks announced being this year’s national beneficiary for LIFE Runners’ 2014 A-Cross America Relay. All money raised will purchase more Stork Buses.

It’s past time to stop all the killing of babies.