A Real Army Wife Speaks!

A real army wife’s response to Obama

Army wives. For a huge part of the American population, “Army Wives” is the name of a prime time show on television. Unless you are connected to the military, as a viewer you will have no idea how accurate the portrayal of Army life really is.

However, REAL army wives – oh, you know those who LIVE the military life, day in, day out – are very aware of the inaccuracies, of the absurdities of what is portrayed. And yes, most army wives are very politically aware.

Brenda Freeman is one such army wife, and she is one pissed off wife. Freeman, who has been an army wife for 35 years as her husband has fought for the US, has a dose of her own reality she is dishing out. Freeman sent me the following:

I watch a bit of television. Most all of it is History Channel, Science Channel, Discovery Channel, and so forth. Brain Food I call it. I do not like reality TV of ANY kind, or soap operas. Last time I checked, an Opera was comprised of musical talent and a stage, neither of which Soaps contain.

However, I do keep track of nonsensical programs that try to mimic military life or military drama. I mostly do this to pick it apart, and either blog it to death, and write nasty grams, or send posts on their web sites through the roof pointing out all of their flaws and oversights and errors. Hey, I get my kicks occasionally. (shrug)

So… the latest on my list is Army Wives. It is on Lifetime Channel. Yea yea yea so what. The point is, I watched it all season last year, and it was “ok” with a few things wrong here and there, I overlooked them.

This year is off to an odd start, and I have sent only ONE email complaining that an American Soldier would NOT blow himself up in defiance of a problem – regardless of PTSD, he would shoot a M**F**ker first, “one and done” type deal. HADJI’s and terrorists are the chicken Shiites that blow themselves up! Get the SCRIPT RIGHT dumb asses! I hate writers sometimes –

But last night I was pissed. No, pissed doesn’t begin to describe my mood. It was beyond pissed. I can’t even find a word for it still.


In the middle of the program there are commercials. One 30 second spot commercial was BHO, saying “Never forget the sacrifices the military spouses make. Then he went on to say that HE KNOWS its hard waiting for your loved one to come home on R&R, and the agony of never really knowing if they are ok or not, and so forth. It is tough being a military spouse. He knows. For more on military spouses, visit Lifetime TV.

WELL! What the hell!! First of all, it hasn’t been called R&R since WWll. It is called LEAVE.

Second of all, what point of reference does he have for “knowing” anything about the trials and tribulations of a military spouse? NADA! ZILCH! NONE!

Third, what does he know about the military? (See previous comments.)

Fourth, excuse me, but aren’t you the same Jr Senator who votes NO on military spending time and time again? Why yes… yes you are! So I repeat myself – WHAT THE HELL!

Fifth, isn’t it interesting that most of the time, commercial ads have a little logo in the lower right sidebar that say who the ad was paid for by, and lo and behold, from the verbiage, and the LOGO, Lifetime took this cookie! Yes, I looked and pay attention!

So, I gathered the typical information such as who writes for the show, who directs the show, who financially supports the show, and so forth, and sent them all a nasty gram.


I also added a post to their blog. I sent emails, and so far today, over 6104 people have done the same from blog spot, my space, and several other places like yahoo, and MSN groups.

PATRIOTS ARE NOT HAPPY that we can not simply sit and watch a program without ***** (sorry! I did edit this somewhat… insert your own name for BHO. lol) being shoved in our faces. And to have him speak about knowing a damn thing about the military is blasphemy! That is actually similar to me saying I know a thing or two about flying to the moon because I saw it once on the NASA station and went to the Cape to see a shuttle launch. Yep, know all about it, sure do. NOT.

Ok, I am done ranting. For now. Sheesh.


My question has to be: Do you think if someone sent this to Obama, he would actually “get” ANYTHING that Freeman is saying? For him to get any sense of what Freeman says here, would demand a radical “change” in who he is. Not going to hold my breath “hoping” for him to get a clue.