A Chance to Win Passed in The Night

The great Frankenstorm of 2012 is now over, but the problems of this nation are just beginning. The east, meaning the eastern or east coast of this nation, will in time regret how they re-elected Barack Obama again, as President of the United States.

Do you think you have gone through difficult times? Just wait? Hell is going to rain on this country and those who think it’s great that a dancing minstrel has won; will soon plead and beg for relief. Your chance came and vanished; now the true price for freedom must be paid.

Thanks Mitt and Ann, for the brave fight and the way you handled the nasty comments about your integrity, family and religion. You fought a great fight and now, we the people, must live with these terrible results.

Your strength and the way you conducted your lives, in the firestorm of a troubadour and his entourage of bickering minstrels who were casting insults and nasty aspersions on your pathway.

Within the next few years those who insulted you, your family and religion will dread their remarks and fear will replace their arrogance and pride. This nation has lost, not won, a battle. How can a nation once so great and powerful turn around and become weak and morally crippled?

Not even with millions of people out of work have they cared enough to change, and they hang their hopes on the fading shadow of a smiling puppet. The world hasn’t ended but they, who have rejected the hand of hope, will not be heard with their pleas for mercy, in the months and years ahead.

As time passes, it will become as clear as the sun in the morning sky, how their stupidity garnished the platter of the feast prepared for them by a destroying angel.

Their faces will be wet from the tears of fear and sorrow, and their bosoms will be gripped with regret for their ways. Then when hope has vanished and been replaced with tyranny they will plead to the heavens for relief. He who answers prayers will turn away from their whimpers and answer with no relief.

Oh how they should have listened and cared but instead they saw only promises that are empty and understood not the reality of their circumstances. The great city of the east will melt into history and never again cast its will upon the amber waves of grain. The once proud shadows of towers will fall upon the barren landscape and hell will open its jaws and swallow its prey.

Silence will fill the night and none will escape the putrid results as blood drips from the lady’s lantern. Other great edifices of the knowledge and skill of this nation will fall from the dying apple tree and rotten on the land of the east.

Oh they who heard not the pleadings and ignored the warning signs and ceased not their wicked path but listened to the music of the piper and ignored the whispers of the still quiet voice; Oh how you will regret this day but it will come upon you, it must happen and pay for the gift of freedom you received but ignored to rightfully use and respect but cast it into the deep.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.