‘Scarlet Fever’ Bombarding The Fashion World

Red Is All The Rage

There are some colors that are simply timeless and thus have remained a dominant trend in the fashion world, such as red. This color, in particular, can go in different directions just like black and white.

If you take a look at this season’s runway shows that have taken place in New York City, Milan, and Paris, you’ll notice that there is a major ‘scarlet fever’ bombarding the fashion world. Many celebrities and A-listers are being spotted wearing red garments. This hue has many pros, as it is an adaptable trend for this upcoming season’s fashion trends.

Men in Red

For their mens collection for this season, the well-known premier fashion house Dolce & Gabbana showcased a lot of red shorts, blazers, and black and red three-piece full suits of high quality fabrics. The well-known fashion house Gucci didn’t fall behind with this power color that’s making headlines, but it took things a little lighter-with red as an accent against blue, white, and black.

These two fashion houses were not the only ones who utilized red, but they were the main ones who didn’t take the more subtle route like other fashion houses did.

Women in Red

red fashion
Women in red

Premier fashion houses are also utilizing this bold color in this season’s collections for women but more in statement pieces, such as jewelry, handbags and other accessories as well. When it comes to garments, a lot of designers showcased red pants and many celebs are fabbing their style with Dolce & Gabbana red wears.

Just recently, Kate Hudson was sporting red jeans which were accompanied with a light denim jacket. Without overtaking an outfit, red jeans have the power to make a fashion statement, especially if you choose to pair them with a white tee in order to accent their hue even more.

How to Use Red This Season

This season, it is very facile to wear this color trend, no matter if you’re male or a female. Try integrating it with other trends, such as the athleisure trend, which has made workout tops and sweat pants fashionable and trendy. Another thing you can do is integrate this hue into a popular pattern, such as the textile patterns that are already trending for this season that is approaching at fast pace.

Contrary to common belief, red garments shouldn’t be used strictly in the evenings. They can easily be utilized during the daytime as well. Red colored clothing can brighten up your ensemble no matter what time it is, but just make sure to tone it down with cozier textures and relaxed shapes during the daytime.

If wearing red clothing just isn’t you, try adding some red accessories to add a touch of brightness to your ensemble. Add a splash of scarlet to your outfit by utilizing a handbag, pair of pumps or a hat. For more ideas, see the popular Styloko’s fashion trends.

According to what’s going on right now in the fashion world, red is no longer a warm color that is only reserved for cooler months. It can make a statement any time of year and can definitely integrate contrast to current trends and breathe new life into your unique style.

Veronica Davis
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