More Women Reportedly Sending Flowers to Their Male Partners

Giving flowers to women has been a long tradition practiced for hundreds of years. Flowers can mean a lot of things – saying sorry, wishing for happiness, congratulations, or saying “I love you” to that special person. But giving flowers doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to be from men only. It is actually turns outs that more women are giving their male partners flowers than ever before. Does that mean that men are losing their masculinity? Absolutely not! Who doesn’t enjoy the scent of fresh flowers beautifully arranged by a florist? Especially if that florist happens to be Reid’s? Here are some of the reasons why more women are giving men flowers.

Expressing Your Feelings

Flowers are an excellent way of sending a message. If you’re the type of girl who has trouble putting your thoughts into words, then flowers might work. Flowers have been used as a form of language and relaying messages for several hundred years. If you have feelings for someone but you’re too shy to say them out loud, then flowers might do the trick. If you’re having a hard time saying sorry, sending flowers can also relay that message. If you just want to tell your boyfriend or husband that you appreciate them, then giving them a bouquet on your special day can give him that message.

tulips the gift of flowers.For a Special Day

Brainstorming for a gift during a special day can be hard. Anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, and all the other special days, warrant gifts if you want to show appreciation for your partner. Still having trouble picking out a gift? Worried your gift seems threadbare and not quite enough? Then add flowers into the mix! It makes the occasion more special since flowers are associated with something valuable and precious. Even a simple “thank you” can become more lovely and endearing simply by adding flowers.

The Language of Flowers

Flowers have their own language. Different flowers relay different messages. Roses typically say you love the person you’re giving them to. Violets are a sign of faithfulness and loyalty. On top of that, different colors of flowers also hold different meanings. While red is associated with love and romance, white can mean purity or innocence. This flexibility of language makes flowers an excellent gift for any occasion – whether it’s his birthday, your anniversary, a date, a gift to congratulate him, or just an ordinary old day. There’s a lot that you can say with flowers!

Saying “I’m Sorry”

Giving flowers can also be a way to apologize. Saying sorry is incredibly difficult for pretty much everyone. While it’s assumed that men have a harder time expressing their feelings, women can also find it challenging to find a good way to apologize properly. Sending flowers as a gift to your male partner is a great way to cheer him up. Paired with a handwritten letter, a bouquet of flowers can make the difference if you want to send a sincere message.

Final Thoughts

So is it wrong for a woman to give her man flowers? NO! Flowers are always an excellent gift idea and they go well with almost anything that you can give him. Flowers express a lot of things that words can’t. If you’re thinking about a gift for your boyfriend, your fiancé, or your husband, then flowers will definitely put a smile on his face.

Melissa Thompson
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