India’s Top Fitness Model – Karan Oberoi

Fitness modelling is a growing trend that is blurring the line between two different worlds – the worlds of extreme fitness and fashion. Being a very demanding profession, it expects a model to have the body of an athlete along with the grace of a model. One model who has taken this industry by storm is Karan Oberoi – a successful and recognized fitness model from India.

Being a fitness conscious individual, he used his natural ability and turned it into his professional strength, evolving as one of the most in-demand people in the modelling industry.

From being on fitness magazines such as Men’s Health and Health & Nutrition to being featured in fitness news, videos providing diet and fitness tips, Karan has grown to be the face of major fitness brands across the country. His accolades include being awarded as the ‘Top Fitness Model of 2018’ by Hindustan Times Brunch Magazine and ‘Best Physique’ at Mr. India International.

His secret to success

According to Karan, there’s more to fitness than just building muscles. Fitness modelling is about staying and looking healthy and keeping the muscles toned. It requires a strict workout routine, balanced diet, and a lot of discipline.

“It is not always easy to keep up with the pressure and be camera ready. I adhere to a well-planned lifestyle and refrain from unhealthy indulgences like smoking or drinking, to be able to maintain my physique. I drink a lot of green tea and water to detox and rest enough,” says Karan on his success mantra.

Besides physical fitness, Karan Oberoi believes that a peaceful and healthy mind contributes to a healthy body. And for him, he finds peace in his philanthropic initiatives. He was recently appointed the ‘World Peace Messenger’ by the World Peace and Diplomacy Organization – a part of United Nations Global Compact.

Karan is one example of the growing need for models that offer more than just good looks. As the world expects more out of the models, there is a growing need to bring more to the table.

karan oberoi
Karan Oberoi

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