Guide For The Perfect Marriage Proposal This Fall

Proposing to your woman is always a serious, thrilling step, and good preparation is the key to making this day memorable for both of you. Moreover, autumn is coming – a traditional season of proposals. So, no more doubts and delays! Let’s plan the ideal marriage proposal together! We have collected some expert tips and unbeatable proposal ideas that will help you not only elicit the desired “YES” from your bride-to-be, but also to make the event truly unique and fascinating.

The Ring Is the Clue

Those who don’t know what to start with – start with the ring. That’s an indispensable accessory without which a proposal won’t make sense. It is simply not done this way! So, to make sure that you are fully equipped for the proposal, undertake these steps:

  1. Find out your lady’s size of the ring – it is always quite an embarrassment when the ring is too large or too small. No need to spoil this precious moment with hardships placing it on! If you have already presented some pieces of jewelry to her, then the issue is solved and you might probably know her size. If not – then take one of her rings or a glove to the jewelry shop, and specialists will tell the size. In case these variants don’t work – select among 6 and 6.5 – that’s the most universal size and the difference with your girlfriend’s size will hopefully be insignificant.
  2. Now that you have clarified the size – it’s high time to select the actual ring. Look for engagement ring ideas to choose among a realm of original, elegant solutions for this special event.
  3. After getting some insight into what an engagement ring looks like – tailor it to your budget. Think over how much you can spend on the ring, and select the best offer for that price.
  4. Purchase the ring and proceed to planning of further steps.

Selecting a Proper Venue

Now the turn comes to selecting the place where the proposal will take place. Some classical variants include your first meeting place or a romantic city – like Paris, for instance. Taking into account that you are planning an autumn proposal, here are some original fall proposal ideas to make the event outstanding:

  1. Organize a proposal in the apple orchard. Fall is a traditional season of apple picking, so you can experiment with excellent autumn photoshoot ideas in such a beautiful natural setting.
  2. Arrange some Halloween-style maze quest for your partner. That’s probably the most original of our autumn proposal ideas, but it will surely create a corresponding mood of fun and enjoyment. The atmosphere will be perfectly right for the moment to pop the question!
  3. Take your darling to the autumn forest. Nothing is as beautiful in autumn as a golden forest with falling leaves and breathtaking views. Your girlfriend cannot say ‘no’ in such a romantic atmosphere.

Overall, this is not an exhaustive list of what can be made up for the proposal event; it all depends on your creativity and on the individual character of your lady. If she is a fan of extreme, then a getaway to some high mountain peak or a picnic at the shore of a distant, wildly beautiful lake may become the perfect venues for your proposal. If she likes broad, elegant gestures, you may even spell the proposal in the air with the help of a rented plane. That’s totally up to you to select the impressions you wish to connect with this romantic day.

Timing of the Event Matters

The next portion of our fall wedding proposal ideas relates to the aspect of timing, since the day and time of the proposal means as much as the place and ring. If you select the time of proposing properly, your chances for an affirmative answer are definitely guaranteed. Here are some popular variants to choose from:

  1. Classics: the day of acquaintance/first kiss/moving to live together. Here is the easiest variant to make your girlfriend really happy – once you celebrate some meaningful, romantic anniversary relating to your couple specifically, you are both already in an appropriate mood. Hence, if you have some special date this fall, proposing on such a day will be an unbeatable success.
  2. Spontaneous proposal. That’s definitely a violation of all thorough preparation principles discussed above, but what can be more pleasant than proposing right at the moment when you realize this is your beloved half? Only hearing ‘yes’ in response!

With these ideas and tips in mind, you’ll definitely make the proposal day a happy, memorable moment for your future family. Give it a thought (or not, if you are a spontaneous persona), organize everything the best way, and head to a happy wedding!

Melissa Thompson
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