Aloha Construction Donates $1,965 to Camp One Step

Aloha Construction, Inc., the winner of the 2017 Better Business Bureau Torch Award, is aiming to improve the lives of local children. The company is donating $1,965 to Camp One Step. Aloha Construction has been working to find a way to give back to the local community and make a bigger impact since the start of the academic season.

The company, along with the help of the ISU athletic department, came up with a program called “Building Better Communities.”

The program is simple: For every assist recorded during an ISU men’s basketball game, Aloha donates $5 to the program.

David A. Farbaky, President and CEO of Aloha, claims that he has always dreamed of helping those in need. His love for children has also been very strong, which led him to reflect those values in the company he’s helped build.

“Helping those in need was always a dream of mine. That dream coupled with my love for children has turned what was once just random acts of kinds into something more systematic and institutional. I’ve come to realize helping others can’t just be random. It has to be something that happens year round. I’m just humbled to know that the culture of our company reflects these feelings I’ve had my whole life,” claims Farbaky.

Camp One Step, a program which Aloha already donated $2,500 at the start of the year, will receive an additional $1,965 from the company. The camp is an experience for kids with cancer which offers experiences and excursion programs.

The money donated will help send four or five kids to camp this summer.

Camp One Step is a camp open to kids 5 – 19 who have been diagnosed with cancer. The camp offers 11 programs annually with the help of 400 volunteers. Medical professionals also volunteer their time to help the 14,000 campers that have been a part of Camp One Step over its 39-year existence.

Two hundred kids per year attend the camp, which lasts for two weeks during the summer. Camp is an overnight experience that provides emotional, educational and support needs to all of the children who attend.

Programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of children with cancer.

Donations to Camp One Step are able to be given by anyone, and businesses can opt to become a corporate sponsor of any special event through Team One Step.

Programs at the camp run all year long thanks to the help of volunteers and donations. The camp programs include a summer camp, whitewater adventure, Dude ranch, family camp, Seabees and a winter camp.

There are programs in Utah, Chicago and Washington available, too. A brain tumor family camp is also available. Sibling camps allow siblings to go to camp together to have an unforgettable experience.

The camp offers a place of solace for children with cancer who often replace school and sports with a life of doctor visits, treatments and sick days.

Aloha Construction, Inc’s donation will help four to five families be able to send their child with cancer to camp.

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