10 Guaranteed Ways to Be and Stay Happy

Taken from my book, “How Would Love Respond?”

1. Physiology

Your posture sends signals to your brain telling it what emotion you’re feeling. Stand up and stand the way you would if you were feeling happy and confident right now.

2. Choose What You Focus On

How you feel about a situation is determined by which side of the situation you focus on. Focus on the negative side, and you’ll feel bad about it. Focus on the positive side, and you’ll feel great about it. What determines how long you suffer during such a period in your life depends on how long you focus on the negative portion of the story.

3. Utilize the Law of Relativity

All you have to do is make sure that when you’re comparing yourself or your life with someone or something else, make the comparisons with things that make you feel good. Most people compare themselves to people who are doing better than they are, and it’s that comparison that makes them feel as if they haven’t accomplished much.

4. Stop Telling Disempowering Stories

Every time you talk about painful times of your life, your brain replays the video of the experience and you’re forced to relive it. You already had to endure it once-why would you want to go through it again and again?

5. Live With CDI

CDI stands for Consistent Daily Improvement. If you make the commitment every day to improve the quality of your life by only 1 percent, at the end of every year, you will be at least 365 percent improved.

6. Let Go of Your Judgment and Have Fewer Rules

Remember to choose your battles wisely. Don’t fight every fight just because it comes your way because if you do, you’ll be so busy fighting all the time that you won’t have any time left for enjoying your life. Release yourself of the need to be right and the need to make others wrong.

7. Be Full of Peace and Free of Stress

Being happy creates better health results. When you’re in a happy, positive, empowering mood, you think better, which means you act better, and we all know what better actions create-better results!

8. Be Empowering About Everything

It’s actually easier to be empowering than it is to be disempowering because being empowering feels good, and all the rest of the rewards just naturally gravitate toward you without any effort.

9. Practice Forgiveness on a Regular Basis

It’s your ego that needs to see those people who you feel have wronged you get punished. Just let it go and forgive them. As soon as you decide to forgive them, you begin the process of healing.

10. Be Grateful

Make sure to ask the magic question, “What am I grateful for?” every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed because when you start and finish every day by filling your heart with gratitude, being and staying happy become effortless.

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