US Warns Citizens in The US and Abroad to Be Alert After The Death of Bin Laden

The U.S. State Department alerts United States citizens traveling/residing abroad about heightened possible danger for anti-American violence on the heels of recent counter-terrorism in Pakistan.

U.S. citizens in areas where recent events could trigger anti-American violence are urged to limit their travel outside of their homes, hotels, and avoid big gatherings or demonstrations.

U. S. citizens should stay on top of what’s going on with current media coverage of local events, and take notice of their surroundings at all times. This travel alert expires 2011, August 1.

U. S. citizens living/traveling abroad are encouraged to keep in contact with family and friends.

It’s recommended that U. S. citizens living or traveling abroad enroll in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program(STEP) to get the latest travel updates, current information on travel and security issues.

U. S. citizens without an Internet connection can register with the appropriate U. S. embassy or consulate. Enrolling makes it easier to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Travel information is available at:

Get up-to-date information on security by phone: 1-888-407-4747.