US Views Pursuit of New Renewable Sources of Energy as Foreign Policy Priority

Advisor for Economic and Social Affairs Rebecca Webber today said the United States views the pursuit of new and renewable sources of energy as a domestic and foreign policy priority and places great value in international cooperation.

In her statement on the 66th UNGA Second Committee Sustainable Development Agenda items, Ms. Webber stressed that innovative technologies and initiatives, ranging from energy efficiency to renewable energy and cleaner fossil fuels, are all necessary pieces of a balanced portfolio of energy options.

“We welcome efforts to share best practices and identify a range of solutions to encourage increased adoption of renewable energy technologies.” -Ms. Webber

She highlighted that an important component of this is investment in research and development for all major renewable energy technologies, to encourage innovation, reduce costs, and expand the reach of new ideas. She said creating an enabling environment that fulfills these aims is vital, and the work of bilateral and multilateral renewable energy initiatives, such as the International Renewable Energy Agency, as well as the work of the various UN bodies is essential in this regard.

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