US Notifies UN on Paris Climate Pact Withdrawal

US Says Goodbyes To Paris Agreement

The Trump administration is determined to push forward its intention to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement as it notified the United Nations of its decision on Friday.

The State Department said in a statement to reporters announcing the UN notification, “The United States supports a balanced approach to climate policy that lowers emissions while promoting economic growth and ensuring energy security.”

But in the notice to the UN, the US State Department said the US administration would remain in the talks process and vowed to remain committed to any efforts to mitigate climate change.

donald trump
President Donald Trump is unstoppable to assert his new policies.

We will continue to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through innovation and technology breakthroughs and work with other countries to help them access and use fossil fuels more cleanly and efficiently and deploy renewable and other clean energy sources, given the importance of energy access and security in many nationally determined contributions,” the statement added.

President Donald Trump received some backlash in June when he first announced the US intention to withdraw. Amid appeals from other world leaders to stay in the deal, Trump was firm on his decision. He said the pact “punished” the US and would cost millions of American jobs.

Currently, all nations except Syria and Nicaragua are signatories to the climate change pact.

The Paris Climate Change Accord

On December 2015, world leaders convened and adopted the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate deal. Representatives of 195 nations reached a landmark accord that they said will curb planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions and solve global warming.

Governments have come up with the following agreements:

  • a long-term goal of keeping the increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels;
  • come together every 5 years to set more ambitious targets as required by science;
  • rich countries will provide continued and enhanced international support for adaptation to developing countries.
  • Limit the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity to the same levels that trees, soil and oceans can absorb naturally, beginning at some point between 2050 and 2100

Alarming News on Climate Change

Some scientists report foreseeing the catastrophic effects of climate change if the world will not work as one to solve it. Recent news says that otherwise, at the end of century, the world will be hotter by 2 degrees Celsius and the world will never the same again.

If the world surpasses the 2-degree threshold, scientists warn about drastic consequences. They say life would never be the same for humanity.

Scientists predicted these things are imminent – rising seas, mass extinctions, super droughts, increased wildfires, intense hurricanes, decreased crops and fresh water and the melting of the Arctic are expected.

Warmer climate and erratic weather conditions would have a negative effect on human health due to poor air quality, food and water contamination, more infections carried by mosquitoes and ticks and stress on mental health.

Skeptics Say Otherwise

Climate change skeptics say otherwise. Agreeing that the climate is changing, skeptics say CO2 is not the cause. They say there is no correlation between increasing CO2 and temperature. They also say that lowering CO2 emissions will not “reverse” the changing climate.

In addition, it is known that “official” data has been manipulated several times over the past few decades. That official manipulation has minimized recent warm periods, making them appear cooler. It is noted that in both 1922 and 1947, newspapers reported that arctic ice was melting at such a rapid rate that it was estimated all artic ice sheet would disappear within a few years. It didn’t.

The extent of Artic ice reached a maximum in 1979. It is convenient that Climate change models take 1979 as the start of their graphs showing a catastrophic warming period.

Australia Fudges Temperature Data

A climate scientist reported that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has been manipulating the data before it is entered into the public record. Dr Jennifer Marohasy, a senior Fellow at The Institute of Public Affairs, reports that the official minimum reading at Goulburn, New South Wales was -10.4 degrees Celsius but the Bureau rounded it to -10.0, making it appear warmer than it really was. Likewise, at Thredbo (the ski resort area). Dr Marohasy says ” .. across this region, what we’ve had is falling minimums.”

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is manipulating the raw data before it is entered into the CDO raw temperature database. Now they say the measuring equipment is faulty and needs to be adjusted and it needs to be replaced. This is not the first time they have changed their excuses and not the first time they have manipulated the data.

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