US Goes ‘Global’ to Mitigate Threat of Climate Change

Climate Change As A Global Challenge

Highlighting climate change as a global challenge, the US State Department underlined that it is not only committed to increase resilience of American communities but make adapting to the phenomenon easier around the globe as well.

In his remarks in Washington DC, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that through President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the US has taken a number of important steps to increase the resilience of American communities. However, President Obama emphasized that climate change is a global challenge, and not only contained within US borders.

“That’s why the United States is deeply committed to helping the rest of the world – especially the poorest and most vulnerable nations adapt to the changing climate as well.” – Secretary Kerry

A Mongolian gazelle dead due to drought.

US Promotes Resilient To Climate Change Worldwide

Committed to make adapting to climate change easier around the globe, the United States has announced creation of a private-public partnership to provide climate data and information to help promote resilient development worldwide.

In fact, the US formally launched the Climate Services for Resilient Development partnership, along with the government of the United Kingdom and partners at the American Red Cross, the Asian Development Bank, Esri, Google, the Inter-American Development and the Skoll Global Threats Fund.

The US and its partners are putting $34 million toward that new partnership. The countries are also taking steps make adapting to climate change easier around the globe. An example for this is the volunteer “climate resilience corps” which the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps will be launching in developing countries.

In addition, NASA’s release of the first-ever climate modeling system that breaks data down to the country level, will enable countries to better target their individual adaptation planning efforts.

Mitigating Threat of climate Change through Concerted Effort

According to Secretary Kerry, when it comes to confronting climate change, no country should be forced to go it alone – because no country can possibly address this threat alone.

“It will require all of us – every country, around the world, doing what it can to contribute to the solution.” – Secretary Kerry

Secretary Kerry stressed that nations must work together to ensure poor communities are prepared for the impacts, particularly the impact of heat waves, floods, historic droughts, ocean acidification and more.

US Calls For Greener Cities Around The World

Projecting that 5.2 billion people will live in the world’s urban communities by 2050, the US highlighted the need for cities to address the effects of climate change.

To address climate change, the US Department of State is committed to doing its part to help bring about greener cities around the world.

The US is working to deploy renewable energy technologies; build recycling infrastructure; safeguard wildlife, forests and wetlands; and help communities better protect their water resources.

Mankind Experiencing Effects Of Change In Climate

There are undeniable and increased events like those that scientists have long predicted particularly extreme droughts, that are hammering crop production, forcing farmers out of business and driving up grocery bills.

In addition, countries have suffered gravely by more intense floods and storm surges, causing billions in property damage. The coasts are swiftly eroding, rendering many homes uninhabitable and uninsurable.

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