US Committed to Stop Modern-Day Slavery

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said the United States will do everything to stop modern-day slavery during an interview with Jim Clancy of CNN International’s Freedom Project.

Ms. Clinton said she has been working for longer than a decade to put an end to slavery. She said the passion is there because she considered it a violation of human rights and human dignity.

“To see men, women, and children forced into bondage, slavery, in the 21st century is just absolutely unforgettable and unforgivable. So we do take seriously the mission that the United States, along with many international partners, has undertaken, which is to prevent and to prosecute and to do everything we can in our efforts to stop modern-day slavery.” -Ms. Clinton

She pointed out that to have partnerships is very important. She added there’s a need to protect those who are at risk and those who are put into it.

“So we went from three Ps to four Ps, but passion underlies all of them.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton said the U.S. report of human trafficking encouraged countries to take modern-day slavery seriously. She said the report has made common cause with activists at the grassroots level in so many countries who use the report to push their own governments for greater commitment.

“Yes, there are countries that have not done, by any means, enough to even be taken seriously in addressing this. But there are many others who not only did pass laws, but have begun to put resources behind the implementation of those laws. So what we have is an international snapshot.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton noted that there are some countries that are going up because what they have done is worthy of that. She said there are some countries that are going down because they have backslide and maybe they’ve had a change in administration or they’ve just decided it’s not a priority for them.

Ms. Clinton said the report on human trafficking was made to encourage change.

“I mean, the report in and of itself is a tool. It’s not an end in itself. It’s not some kind of giant report card and then we put it away and then dust it off and upgrade it the next year.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton highlighted that the U.S. government is trying to work with countries that are willing to take some action. She said the United States is trying to work with advocates.

“And we’re trying to shine a very bright light on people everywhere who are still unwilling to admit that 27 million enslaved people is a rebuke to everyone everywhere; it’s not just a Western phenomena.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton underscored that human rights are universal rights. She stressed the world has to keep working with other countries and encouraging them.

“Frankly, naming and shaming to some extent to get them to change.” -Ms. Clinton

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