Unruly Man Causes Plane to Make Emergency Landing in Denver

I know that in an earlier story, I compared the movie Groundhog Day to the multiple mass shootings in the US. However, now it seems that airline disturbances are striving for that stigma.

A United Airlines flight from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas made an emergency landing in Denver because a man tried to open the door to the plane during the flight.

The man was subdued per the request of flight attendants.

The plane landed at DIA at 5:10 P.M., at which time the passenger was taken into custody and interviewed by the FBI. He could face felony charges.

Is the spike in the frequency of these disturbances a bad omen? With Al-Qaeda taking responsibility for the attempted Christmas airline bombing – and warning of future attacks – should the U.S. be any more worried? Until the authenticity of the tape is verified and more information is released, I’m just chalking this up as another imbecile ruining the peace for everyone else.

Even after the authenticity is verified, I won’t lose any sleep.

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