The Iranian People and Iranian Polity Conundrum

President Trump to Iran: ‘Never, ever threaten’ USA again.

On Sunday, July 22, 2018, President Donald Trump warned Iran that it would face consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered, “if the Islamic Republic threatens the United States.”

Center-Susan Azizzadeh, the President of the Iranian-American Jewish Federation- L-Hormoz Azizzadeh, R-Yusef Zedeh-Photo Nurit Greenger
Center-Susan Azizzadeh, the President of the Iranian-American Jewish Federation- L-Hormoz Azizzadeh, R-Yusef Zedeh-Photo Nurit Greenger

At the same time, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, in Simi Valley, California, by invitation of Susan Azizzadeh, the President of the Iranian-American Jewish Federation I attended one of the Reagan National Defense Forum sessions, with Mike Pompeo, USA top diplomat Secretary of State, the keynote speaker, accompanied by Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas), and followed by a short Q&A conducted by former California governor Pete Wilson. Mr. Pompeo delivered a speech titled “Supporting Iranian Voices,” about the United States’ ongoing plans to bring to an end the rule of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Today, was the 9th day of the month of Av in the Hebrew calendar, known by the name Tisah B’Av, a day of mourning and fasting for the Jewish people. It is a day in which the Jewish people commemorate the destruction of the two Jewish Temples once stood proudly on top of Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, each destroyed by vicious conquering foreign army on the same date.

My dilemma was to stay home and mourn over spilt milk or to go and show presence at this important event. The world is already well informed that Iran constantly threatens to destroy the Jewish State, Israel, and is working to develop the nuclear arsenal to deliver on its threats. If this threat is brought to fruition, it will not be the destruction of a Third Jewish Temple which does not exist, rather, the destruction of the only Jewish State, Israel, and all the Jews living there will perish. Since Israel accounts for the largest population of Jews under one roof it could be a 2nd Holocaust. The ongoing terror on Israel’s south border with Gaza and the north border with Lebanon and Syria is the responsibility of Iran.

Actions must be taken to end Iran’s threats to destroy Israel, the USA and the free world. Therefore, my decision to attend the meeting with Secretary Pompeo trumped the decision to mourn what cannot be brought back and learn what could be done to avoid a catastrophe in the making, should Iran be able to deliver on its evil plans.

The audience at the auditorium was a mixed crowd. Iranian-Americans who care deeply about the country they had to flee when the Islamic Revolution took place and threatened their lives; American citizens who care about the security of the United States and the world and people who support President Trump and his aides.

With my penmanship I deliver the messages Secretary Pompeo delivered.

Trump understands what is at stake and promises to deliver

“The Iranian people, the United States stands by you. You are not alone. The United States is a friend of the Iranian people and champions them; it is making efforts to strengthen them,” was Mr. Pompeo clear message to the people of Iran.

The Trump administration is well aware that the Islamic revolution regime has been, these past 40 years since the Islamic autocracy was established, a nightmare for the people of Iran. This regime supports terrorism, wherever the door is open to such acts, as part of its ‘Islamic revolutionary’ dangerous nature and makes ongoing efforts to spread its revolutionary ideas beyond Iran’s borders, all the while paying no attention to the life of the people of Iran. Their life is insignificant to the Mullahs.

40 Years of Hell on Earth in Iran

40 years of Kleptocracy;

40 years of the people’s wealth squandered;

40 years of jailing people who, peacefully, expressed their rights;

40 years of subjecting the people of Iran to the Mullahs’ dogma.

The Islamo-ideologues, who forcibly came into power in 1979 and have remained in power till today, have been driven by their desire to conform all Iranians to the tenets of the Islamic revolution.

While lining their own pockets with astronomic sums, the economy of Iran is in the tank. The Mullahs and their cohorts use religion as their fig leaf for the rampant corruption that leaves the people of Iran waterless and jobless. This Mafia type regime has its tentacles in every evil doing possible, such as helping Bashar Assad of Syria to murder his people which leads the Iranians to shout: “leave Syria, think about us!”

Over the past 40 years the brutal and barbaric Mullahs at the helm of the country took away from the people of Iran their dignity, their human rights, and let the fear of them and intolerance reign the country. With their Islamic revolutionary subhuman ‘culture,’ the Mullahs defaced the rich Iranian culture with history going back hundreds of years.

While this regime has been in power, hundreds of people, including American citizens have been detained and perished in Iran’s jails. The list of all ethnic groups’ members who were incarcerated is endless, while people like Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Affairs Minister, educated in the United States, are carrying out the regime’s malevolent yard stick.

The Mullahs are feeling the sanctions’ heat

It appears that the sanctions President Trump put back on Iran are starting to yield results and the mullahs feel the heat under their feet, sadly at the account of the Iranian people’s great suffering. An article ‘Iranian Regime Hangs Innocent Prisoners as It Nears Its End‘ describes the cruelty of this Mullahs’ regime. Mohammad Salas, a 51-year-old bus driver from one of Iran’s largest Sufi communities, the Nemattolah Gonabadi was arrested on 19 February 2018 while taking part in a protest against Sufi repression. The protest turned violent after regime security forces resorted to beatings the protestors, used live ammunition, water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowd. Mohammad Salas was accused of killing 3 policemen during the protests. His attorney, Ms. Zaynab Taheri, stated several times that “We have many documents indicating Mohammad Salas is innocent.” All to no avail, the innocent man was executed.

The Iranian people still have deep distrust for the United States, which was created by President Barack Obama’s apathetic and benign policy toward Iran. The Iranian people are uneased to show strong opposition to their regime; if they dissent forcefully and fiercely against the Islamic revolution regime, they fear it will end up as bad as it ended in the past, a failure and most costly. The Iranian people fear to lift their heads in dissent that could end them up in prison or dead.

The Iranian people want accountability from the rulers of their country. They want respect and better life in their homeland that had turned on its face. Secretary Pompeo promised that the Trump’s government will not stay silent and will stand strong behind the people of Iran. The days of Obama are over.

Therefore, Trump’s words in the opening statement above and what Secretary Pompeo promised this evening must hold strong in support of the Iranian people’s struggle to bring to an end the mullahs’ yoke.

The end goal efforts

The end goal, with maximum pressure on the Iranian Islamic revolutionary regime, is to end the slogans that threaten Israel and the United States, the small and big Satan. To bring all American prisoners in Iran home.

The Unites States is working with all countries that purchase oil from Iran to replace it with new sources of oil in order to stifle the oil based economy which enriches the regime and its protective security forces only.

In efforts to refute the lies the regime tells the people of Iran, the United States is making endless efforts, through the cyber technology, to bring the news and truth to the streets of Iran.

The world is watching. There is a bright spot light shining on the Iranian regime to deliver culpability. It is time to end some countries’ governments’ flirtation with the Iranian regime and come to aid the Iranian people in their quest to retrieve their inalienable rights to be free people in their homeland, not to have to flee their country in order to find better life and liberty elsewhere.

Dinner at the library with Simi Valley in the background-photo Nurit Greenger
Dinner at the library with Simi Valley in the background-photo Nurit Greenger

With all the supporters of President Donald Trump under one roof in the most impressive Presidential Library, named after Ronald Reagan, a United States remarkable Statesman, I simply cannot understand why California was hijacked by the Democrats’ polity – from Jimmy Carter to Obama – who failed Iran.

I see the pendulum tilting in favor of the Iranian people. We wait for this miracle to take place soonest, to be delivered by our leaders, President Donald Trump and his top diplomat Mike Pompeo.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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