Support For Corti Brothers Exceeds Expectations

After wine and food authority, Darrell Corti lost the lease for his 61 year old family food store, the “Who’s Who” of the Sacramento food community gathered to lend their support.

The negative publicity surrounding the event began to generate bad feeling towards the owners of the building and the prospective new lessors “Good Eats”.

Before the day of the press conference. “Good Eats” had withdrawn their offer. Now it is up to Corti Brothers to renegotiate the lease.

Participating in the Press conference event were Biba Caggiano and her staff of Biba’s Restuarant; David Berkley; Rich Mahan of Waterboy Restaurant; Kurt Spataro and his chefs; Randall Selland of Ella’s Restaurant; Tamara Baker of Selland’s Market; Dani Luzzatti of Bellalu Catering; Thjeresa Yurkofsky, college cullinary instuctor; Brenda Ruiz, Junior Chefs cooking school; Wendy Mentik, of Folsom’s Bidwell Street Bistro; Noah Zonca of The Kitchen; Bernice Hagin and Peg Tomlinson of Sacramento Magazine’s Dining Divas.

Chefs and Friends Praise Corti Brothers

Darrell Corti Speaks at the Event

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